Justin Timberlake talks In Time's Olivia Wilde

He schooled her on how to play his 50-year-old mum

Justin Timberlake says he used experiences with his own mother to help actress Olivia Wilde play his 50-year-old mum trapped in the body of a younger woman in the film In Time. 
The sci-fi thriller is based in a world where no-one ages beyond 25. 
“We laughed about it when we first saw each other,” Timberlake told Entertainment Weekly. “First of all, Olivia is three years younger than me!” 
“We’d read the script and I would say, ‘Here’s something my mom might do,’ or ‘Here’s the way my mom might say it. I think she really looked to me to give her those little things because she had the trickier job in our scenes.” 
We don't know if she'll take it as a compliment or not, but director Andrew Niccol (Gattaca) says he found it easy to see Wilde as a middle-aged maternal figure. 
“She just inhabited the role,” Niccol told Entertainment Weekly. “Olivia has something about her, a maturity that’s way beyond her years.” 
In Time opens in UK cinemas on 1 November 2011.

Excited by the premise of this movie? Or is the thought of Olivia Wilde being Timberlake's mum just creepy? Tell us below!

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