Karl Urban is Priest's villain

Star Trek's doc is playing a killer vamp

Karl Urban is switching from cranky space doctor to evil killer vampire for Priest.

He's joining the cast of Scott Stewart's Priest, which finds Paul Bettany as a warrior man of God battling vamps in a ravaged world, and tracking down the toothy types that have snatched his niece.

And now he has a nemesis: the man behind Bones McCoy has signed on to play Black Hat, a former priest and fang-killer himself who was converted and now sees himself as a god of the undead.

Bettany has help though - Twilight's Cam Gigandet is a fellow priest and Maggie Q will play a kick-ass warrior priestess.

The pic's shooting right now and the madness will arrive next year...

[Source: THR]

Urban sounds like a great choice, right? Let us know...

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