Karl Urban Judge Dredd rumours

Could Urban be pulling on the iconic helmet?



Karl Urban's chin could be about to star in the Judge Dredd reboot, if Bleeding Cool's scoop is to be believed. And we see no reason why it shouldn't.

Urban's being approached for the lead role in Alex Garlands' gritty script, which will hopefully help us forget everything we learned from Sly Stallone's 1995 atrocity.

We think Urban's a great choice; he can do a growly voice, and he's proved that he can do franchise reboots with the best of 'em in Star Trek. We're totally going to ignore the fact he was in Chronicles Of Riddick.

Urban might consider the fact Dredd's essential helmet will block his face for the entire duration of the film to be a bad thing, but at least he won't have to do his hair in the morning.

What do you reckon? Tell us!

[Source: Bleeding Cool]

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    • govenorarnold

      Jul 22nd 2010, 13:36

      I wish people would stop bashing the Stallone Dredd. Has anyone watched it again lately? Its a lot of fun! Yeah it wees all over the original material, but as an all out popcorn action movie, I've seen a lot worse.

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    • tenstrings

      Jul 22nd 2010, 14:00

      Ron Perlman is the ideal older Dredd, but yeah, Urban is a good choice. As per #1's comments, the Stallone Dredd film looks superb, has one of the best future city settings since Blade Runner, but the script was meh. Stallone wasn't the best choice, but his case wasn't helped by him getting his helmet off. Dredd is an enigma, not a star vehicle.

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    • Hadouken76

      Jul 22nd 2010, 16:13

      The first film was a bad hollywood cop-out made so Danny Cannon could brown-nose a place at the hollywood table... helmet off, cheesy sidekick, ropey effects, best bit was the bit with the peacemaker, thats it. Alex Garland doesnt make bad scripts which is a plus, chuck in Judge Death and we are sailin

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    • Barney1

      Jul 22nd 2010, 16:47

      Sly's got the chin for it....but it should of been an Eastwood vehicle!

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    • DravenCage

      Jul 23rd 2010, 22:13

      Stallone, from a purely aesthetic point of view, was perfect for the character, especially with the helmet on. The main problem I had with the film (which I did enjoy) was the unrequired sidekick. I also feel that Mean Machine doesn't get enough credit for how well he was translated from page to screen.

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    • agentblackacid

      Jul 24th 2010, 9:16

      I appreciate your point govenorarnold however any reader of the judge Dredd comics will tell you that the movie ended for them when he took his helmet off. It became just a futuristic cop movie... As for Karl urban, awesome choice. Eastwood should have been Dredd but it's too late for that. You don't have to be a beefcake to play Mega City One's finest, just a badass. And Karl Urban's more than capable of that.

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    • Barney1

      Jul 24th 2010, 10:04

      This would be perfect for Ridley Scott!

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    • boogaloochimp

      Jul 24th 2010, 11:18

      I've always thought Nick Nolte would be the perfect Dredd. He's got the voice and the chin and he'd be grateful for it.

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    • thegedman

      Jul 27th 2010, 17:16

      Do the hollywood money men not realize just how much money can be made from a good Judge Dredd movie.Toys,computer games,even tv spin offs would be on the cards if the movie was half decent.Whats needed is a good script and kickass bad guys like The Dark Judges.You also get your leading lady in the form of Judge Anderson.

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    • Scarecrow

      Aug 6th 2010, 8:50

      sounds like a good choice to me,lets hope it's better than that c**p stallone did and maybe they could do the dark judges and anderson or maybe the link up with johnny alpha!

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