Karl Urban talks Dredd sequel

Says it’s “not off the agenda”

Karl Urban has been discussing the possibility of a sequel to Dredd, and says that despite the film’s relatively poor box office showing, there could yet be scope for a follow-up.

Made on a budget of $45 million, the film grossed just $35.6 million worldwide, meaning that a sequel had initially looked unlikely. However, according to Urban, there may yet be demand for a second film...

“Interestingly enough, I did have breakfast with Alex Garland this morning,” says Urban. “It’s not off the agenda. Clearly everyone has woken up to the fact that an audience has found this movie and loves it.

“It’s entirely possible, and if people want to see another instalment then they should be vocal about that, because it can happen. The power of fandom can resurrect projects. In fact, that’s what happened with Star Trek. They weren’t going to do a third season until fans did a letter writing campaign and they continued that series.”

Fan of the first film? Expect a Kickstarter campaign asking you to put your money into a sequel, sooner rather than later...

Karl Urban videos from YouTube.com/totalfilm:

Would you watch a Dredd sequel? Tell us, below!


    • drumgod

      May 16th 2013, 7:14

      Only 35.6 million, hard to believe. Dredd was one of the best movies I have seen for a long time. Dark, gritty and cool. Come on people let our voices be heard. I would definitely watch another one. Karl Urban is the LAW!

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    • csabalaskai

      May 16th 2013, 7:25

      DREDD!! Please come back!

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    • cfinnob

      May 16th 2013, 7:32

      I agree - very surprised to hear only 35.6 million too! I would certainly watch a sequel, Really enjoyed the first one, after initially doubting i would! I have the 3D version in my Bluray collection. Bring it on!

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    • MAXJAK

      May 16th 2013, 7:45

      ABSO-FRIGGIN-LUTELY!!!! Best movie of the year by a country mile. Was skeptical about Urban as Dredd but he rocked it! Can't believe it didn't even break even. Perhaps if studios stop making guff and concentrated on good hard action again then we would have more of this. Would much rather watch a 2000ad franchise of movies than the family friendly marvel c**p we are being constantly bombarded with.

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    • maccarants

      May 16th 2013, 8:05

      Would love to see another Dredd movie - it was brilliant. Only negative thing I felt about it was it needed to be even LESS grounded in reality and even darker in look and feel. Dredd's comic book world is populated with robots, tech and general future goofiness. This Dredd was a great next step towards achieving that.

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    • russellemery

      May 16th 2013, 8:41

      How can such a well made and critically praised film, that is loved by everyone only take 35 ? Maybe they need to lower it to a 15 - but what ever happens - i do hope the dvd/bluray sales generate enough to make it a cult - and a sequel gets made. Every one needs to get their friends who haven't seen it to go out and buy / download it.

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    • adelamont

      May 16th 2013, 9:32

      Dredd was a brilliant film, the franchise deserves another film! It was worthy of the price ticket to see at the cinema, not many films now days are.... my jaw dropped watching that film! I'd love to see something with the Judge Death! I think we need a Facebook petition!

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    • pengboom

      May 16th 2013, 9:32

      OMFG yes plz!

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    • andrewcarr

      May 16th 2013, 9:35

      It's a shame that such an enjoyable film did so poorly at the box office, but it was up against some stiff competition on the comic movie front. Hopefully, the DVD/Blu-Ray sales will make up for it. If it does get the green light, I seriously hope they go for a Cursed Earth storyline - one that is a lot more developed than that interlude in the God-awful Stallone vehicle.

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    • groovequantize

      May 16th 2013, 9:37

      Yes PLEASE!

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    • adrianhaynes

      May 16th 2013, 9:38

      Dredd was my favourite film of 2012 (incredible soundtrack too), I recommend the film to everyone I know. Please please please make the follow up.

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    • chibik

      May 16th 2013, 9:45

      Oh, yes! Please make this happen! Keep Dredd alive, people!

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    • kevhurst

      May 16th 2013, 9:45

      Yes, do it!!!

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    • carljamm

      May 16th 2013, 9:47

      I would have seen this at the cinema had it not been for the fact that it was only available in 3D!

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    • senseiremo

      May 16th 2013, 9:59

      Karl Urban rocks as Dredd. Everything about the film was fantatsic from the amazing cast to the stunning visual effects. Even the motorbike sounded right with the throaty engine noise instead of the expected whiney futuristic sound effects. This film deserves a sequel.

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    • MikeyRix

      May 16th 2013, 10:03

      Eh, I found this one a bit of a let-down. Just wasn't engaged by it at all, although Urban made for a decent Dredd. Still I accept that I hold a minority opinion and I don't have to see the sequel, if it gets made!

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    • vaderlove

      May 16th 2013, 10:04

      Yea can't believe that this movie was so poorly received at the Box Office!!! Twilight must have been on the same wkend ;-) however I think there will be a sequel, DVD sales must be good. We just need the public outcry now to kick -start the sequel :-))

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    • robmonfea

      May 16th 2013, 10:28

      Best film of last year! Sequel? Hell yes!

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    • BennettsVest

      May 16th 2013, 11:00

      Maybe not making any sequel exclusively in 3D would help it reach a wider audience? I would've loved to have seen it at the cinema, but 3D gives me migraines. The film was superb and didn't need the gimmick, even in 2D the Slo-Mo stuff looked gorgeous.

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    • sionjones

      May 16th 2013, 11:06

      They should definitely make a sequel. But in these very competitive (I mean studios often just want to make tonnes of $ and not likely to renew failed projects) will it happen? I would be very interested to see the DVD/ Blu Ray sales worldwide. This may prove to be the spring board to launch a sequel. I can hear Stallone's comment about his last Rambo film ringing in my ears. Sales were not as high as anticipated but it turned out kids were purchasing tickets to see recent Disney film and sneaking in to see Rambo. Could this be the case with Dredd? Judge Dredd is one character of many in the 2000ad series. So there is already a lot of depth to the long long running comic. You could take your pick of awesome story lines. As it was, the latest film fitted well into the 'Raid' style format (starting from the bottom of a tower / block then working their way up - violently!) Studios should take a closer look at this potential franchise. There is definitely an audience for it! Maybe they should pay more attention to marketing this time!! Anyway, I would watch the Drok out of another Dredd film. Fingers crossed!

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    • ashleybeeching

      May 16th 2013, 11:06

      I loved Dredd with a passion, it was easily my favourite film of last year and the thought we may get a sequel fills me with joy. when crud like Hansel And Gretel gets a sequel greenlit and a fantastic film like Dredd doesn't, it's nothing short of a travesty! So yeah bring on Dredd again in The Cursed Earth and hopefully Anderson will be along for the ride too! :-)

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    • mdmagnusson

      May 16th 2013, 11:32

      It's not a question of wanting a Dredd sequel but NEEDING a Dredd sequel!

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    • apo1978

      May 16th 2013, 12:16

      I'll chip in a tenner towards the sequel's budget....

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    • crystakura

      May 16th 2013, 12:17

      it was a good film but it doesn't beat Sly.

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    • robertgray

      May 16th 2013, 12:39

      after watching this movie .. best movie in last few years ive watched at the cinema.. i just want more of the BIG MEG ............... sly stallone wasnt DREDD DREDD was Karl Urban thanks Alex G for a great movie

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    • MorganRoss

      May 16th 2013, 13:17

      The main reason it performed poorly at the box office was that it was ONLY available in 3D. I know plenty of people who were put off by that and didn't go and see it; but loved it on bluray. I loved the film and really hope they go for a second one; give me a petition to sign!!!

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    • wheatman82

      May 16th 2013, 14:08

      we (wife and I) really enjoyed and would definitely see a sequel opening weekend.

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    • spyro86

      May 16th 2013, 14:16

      Loved the movie but i felt that the 3 d was unnecessary. I saw it in both 3d and 2d. Much prefer 2d movies.

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    • ilikescifi

      May 16th 2013, 14:51

      More Dredd. I thought it was one of the few films that used 3D really well - the slo mo looked unreal and the architecture of mega city had depth. Personally I think the 'wider appeal' issue was due to a lack of advertising, not the 3D thing. Cinemas in Australia always offer both formats. Maybe a second film will get more interest than the first. Also a bit more attention to the script and the soundtrack would elevate it

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    • hansschneider

      May 16th 2013, 15:37

      I'd absolutely watch a sequel.

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    • FBKSchlichter

      May 16th 2013, 15:53

      I am absurdly excited for a potential sequel. Bonus points if they can slip in Simon Pegg as Johnny Alpha.

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    • bobmarshall

      May 16th 2013, 16:13

      The TV ads just didn't work for me during the theatrical release. Something about them said "cheap knock-off" and they didn't do really well on the social build up to the release. Loved the movie once I viewed it, seen it probably half a dozen times. However, the movie kicked a*s on rental, sell-through and EST..."The verdict is in and Lionsgate (LGF), a leading global entertainment company, announced today that the home entertainment release of DREDD claimed the number one spot on the DVD sell-through and Blu-ray charts with 650,000 units sold, making it the best-selling new release title of the year. Blu-ray units accounted for nearly 50% of week 1 POS at retail. In addition, the critically acclaimed thriller, starring Karl Urban (Star Trek) as the titular character Judge Dredd , was the top film download for the week, outpacing all other titles in digital sales as well." If my math is right that's at least another 12 million at retail.

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    • michelebrittany

      May 16th 2013, 16:29

      This is fantastic news and I'm so glad to hear that a sequel is back on the table of possibility! I saw DREDD at the cinema and then bought a copy the first day it was out and have watched it several times since. I even bought the soundtrack and am reading the comics. I am hooked. From the time I saw DREDD on the big screen, I have been encouraging all my friends (okay, some may say I have been a pest about this) to see and support this film. Definitely underappreciated and especially with regards to the film techniques and acting..I dare anyone to try to act with a mask covering most of their face, having to rely on their voice and body language to pull off Dredd! Mr. Urban nails this role! I would most assuredly support a sequel through letterwriting and would put money up if it becomes a Kickstarter project. Please, oh please bring continue this franchise on film. There's a reason this is such a long running comic!

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    • thespartan

      May 16th 2013, 16:33

      Dredd was the best movie of 2012 by miles. I can´t believe that there is even a debate as to whether they should do a sequel. Of course they should. Karl Urban is right, us fans need to scream the house down and demand a sequel because it would be a travesty if there is no sequel to this fantastic and quite frankly classic sci-fi movie. By the way Karl Urban absolutely nailed the part of Dredd to perfection. I think the reason that Dredd underperformed at the cinema was because it was poorly marketed, especially with the 3D thing. The "Dredd 3D" movie title just confused people and I have no idea why they did that. So many people have since seen Dredd on DVD and loved it so if they do a sequel it would do so much better at the cinema than the original did. That´s guaranteed, especially if they make it as good as the first one.

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    • xkirbz

      May 16th 2013, 16:59

      One of the most highly underrated films of 2012. I hope to god they make a sequel!!!!

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    • ewenkirk

      May 16th 2013, 17:02

      Aye! I'd watch it! Get the Kickstarter started, 2000ad types!!

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    • khanneasuntzu

      May 16th 2013, 17:04

      The last Dredd movie has all the hallmarkings of a killer franchise, as long as it maintains the same level of cinematic quality. It needs many sequels.

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    • Corinnthe

      May 16th 2013, 17:28

      I was gutted I only got to see Dredd twice at the cinema and I've lost count of the amount of times I've watched it since it came out on DVD. So yes, I am definitely up for a sequel.

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    • spiritedgrain

      May 16th 2013, 17:36

      Who do we need to harass to get this done? I started reading 2000AD in the early 80's, huge Dredd fan, and I was bitterly disappointed by the Stallone c**p. Urban's Dredd was simply spectacular. We NEED a sequel, especially if it can maintain the excellent quality of the first film. What are you waiting for??

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    • JShepp

      May 16th 2013, 17:37

      Please do this. The greatest underrated movie ever. I, myself, personally got about 8-10 friends to rent it. Of those , everyone of them said it was awesome. You have reinvented this franchise in an amazing, yet dark superhero way that many of us have been waiting for. Please sequel it.

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    • cyrusaman

      May 16th 2013, 18:06

      Pleasepleasepleaseplease! I've been reading Judge Dredd since I was 10 years old (I'm now 38). This movie captured the essence of the character. There's an entire Dredd universe full of great stories and worlds. MANY movies should follow!!!!

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    • joegoss

      May 16th 2013, 18:37

      Please made a sequel. I saw Dredd 4 times in the theatre. I'm a 33 year old fan of the original and this new film combined Robocop and Dredd together. Loved it. Took me back to the R rated action sci-fi that I love. MAKE ANOTHER.

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    • alexnguyen

      May 16th 2013, 19:03

      Oh man, this totally warrants a sequel. Karl Urban did a fantastic job; if he's in the sequel I'll definitely go see it.

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    • Ali1748

      May 16th 2013, 19:15

      It wasn't as great as some made it out to be but I did enjoy Dredd, the problem was it came out too close to The Raid which kinda had a similar setting. I do feel a sequel could be much superior if they're given the chance.

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    • randomnewb

      May 16th 2013, 19:23

      I would absolutely watch it, i'd even pay for a stupidly over priced theater ticket!

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    • kittywelford

      May 16th 2013, 19:25

      HELL YES MORE DREDD! I advised everyone to buy THREE DVD and/or Blue-Ray copies when it came out ;) Hands down my very favourite film of 2012. Kickstarter, whatever, I will toss in some coins to make this happen! Yeeha!

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    • tayleurcreation

      May 16th 2013, 20:24

      There is a Facebook campaign trying to get a sequel. Sign up to it if you want a sequel The page is called MAKE a DREDD SEQUEL. Nearly 10 thousand like but they need more

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    • grungytinman

      May 16th 2013, 21:13


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    • garylivingston

      May 16th 2013, 22:19

      I just hope a sequel is actually about Dredd. Dredd was more about Anderson than actually Dredd. We barely see any character development or even a good summary of who Dredd is. Dredd could have been any other movie. The character Dredd is supposed to be unique but, wasn't in any way in the film. Not Urban's fault. The edit or the script just had very little Dredd moments. Also, I was very disappointed in the limited view we get of Mega City 1. The whole film is shot in a single building. Just a shame. That's what Stallone's Judge Dredd did better. Actual character development and a vast look of the world Dredd is a part of. I want that integrated into a sequel. Maybe it would do better in the box office (staying true to the character and the world in the comics).

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    • patrickkuchma

      May 16th 2013, 22:30

      A sequel would be great.

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    • mattburgess

      May 17th 2013, 11:50

      It's amazing to discover which articles spark the most comments. I, like others, had to choose between 3D or not watching it, so I chose not to watch it. Based on these comments, I might buy it and see what the fuss is all about. Bluray or dvd?

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    • Lukasx123

      May 17th 2013, 13:40

      Totally up for a sequel with a similar tone to the original film - perhaps with a bigger budget/scale!!! >:-D

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    • Ali1748

      May 17th 2013, 16:00

      Yeah I would love to see all of these random people post more often in other articles.

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    • thespartan

      May 17th 2013, 17:19

      I think the sheer amount of positive responses on this article shows how much people not only want but need a Dredd sequel. If ever there was a movie that deserves a sequel to be made then it´s Dredd. Also there is so much scope for a sequel and a near limitless amount of excellent stories they could use. I´ve signed up to the MAKE a DREDD SEQUEL campaign on Facebook and I would urge others to do the same. Only through us fans kicking up a fuss and making a noise are we going to get a sequel. That combined with how well Dredd has done since coming out on DVD should be enough to convince the studio that a sequel gets made.

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    • Ali1748

      May 17th 2013, 23:48

      I have a feeling some duplicate accounts were used in this thread.

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    • thespartan

      May 18th 2013, 17:44

      Ali1748 - what makes you say that ? Maybe you´re just a Dredd hater and are in denial about how many people loved the movie. This is my third post on this article but I don´t see why you think there are any duplicate accounts here. If you think that there are then please tell us which accounts you think are duplicates and then let the majority decide if they think you are right or not. I guarantee you won´t post again though.

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    • moriahgeer

      May 22nd 2013, 22:49

      People who don't support good movies like Dredd deserve movies made by Michael Bay.

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    • gregorydumas

      May 26th 2013, 15:12

      found it a year later. best action film ive seen in a long time. django dont count ha. if u dont make a sequal DREDD will sentance u to death

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    • CaptKeshav

      May 26th 2013, 22:36

      Karl Urban = Awesomeness

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    • JeanieOwen16

      May 31st 2013, 12:50

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    • markrybka

      Jun 3rd 2013, 8:04

      Would have seen Dredd in the theatre, if it had made it this far north. Hopefully, the healthy dvd sales will help the prospect of a sequel, we'd love to see it happen.

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    • LauraLasher10

      Jun 5th 2013, 20:01

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    • evanmiller

      Jun 21st 2013, 3:50

      Not totally surprised at the box office total. It was preceeded by Resident Evil: Retribution and followed the next week by Looper. Both which took in $240M and $176M respectively. I think it was just in a bad place, and right before the Thanksgiving movie season too. September is kind of a no man's land for movies. Would have probably done better as a Summer movie. So I think poor placement was partly to blame.

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    • vonblick

      Jun 27th 2013, 22:51

      Best movie of 2012! The only reason for the bad Box Office performance was the lack of marketing. A sequel would do much much better!

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    • danielalaniz

      Jun 29th 2013, 3:34

      Everybody that is saying there should be a sequel is absolutely right. BUT our movie going populace is STUPID and likes to have sequels to boring a*s comedies and stupid chick flicks. I don't have any other way to say it. I really don't. If there were a real demand for movies as good as this one? Wouldn't there be a lot more of them? Making a sequel to Dredd would definitely rock. But until there is a truly voiced desire to make it? Its doubtful that anything is going to be done.

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    • mikethorpe

      Jun 30th 2013, 9:20

      Got to be a sequel one of the best comic book adaptations in years Dredd rocks bring on a second film

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    • edwardmorris

      Jul 19th 2013, 13:48

      Brilliant representation of Dredd by Karl Urban and best 3D film I've seen! I bought the dvd, great but a shame the 3D effects are mostly lost. I would love to see a sequel and would go straight to the cinema! And would no doubt buy the DVD again if the film is as good, it's not just about the superb 3D, the writing, directing and acting were all excellent; it didn't get the credit it deserved!!!

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    • jenniferwitt

      Aug 27th 2013, 3:41

      My husband and I have been telling everyone about Dredd, so much that we are annoying. We watch it all the time and would love love love to see a sequel. Karl Urban was amazing. Please make another.

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    • peterboustred

      Apr 8th 2014, 23:07

      I would love a sequel especially if the city was explored in the movie with all the diverse characters available from the comics. The 1st film did such a good job keeping close as possible to the 'personality' of Dredd & giving an insight of what he is about to new comers. If a bigger budget can be found the world of Dredd could really brought to life.

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    • richardlourie

      May 24th 2014, 17:50

      BRING BACK DREDD!!!!!!!!!

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