Karl Urban talks possibility of Dredd sequel

Urges fans to keep showing their support

Karl Urban was at Comic-Con this weekend to promote Riddick, but also took the time to discuss the possibility of a sequel to Dredd.
Having performed disappointingly at the box-office, Lionsgate have appeared unwilling to commit to a second outing, but according to Urban, there is a significant fanbase that still wants the film to happen.
“The home video sales just went through the roof,” says Urban. “I think it sold 650,000 units in the first week.”
“I think the more people that campaign for it, the more people that email, Twitter and write into Lionsgate and say 'we want to see more of this', then the more likelihood that we'll get to see that.” 

“We certainly are doing everything we can to ensure that happens,” concludes Urban. If you want to lend your voice to the campaign, you can take a look at the official Facebook page here… 

Would you watch a Dredd sequel? Tell us, below! 


    • joegilmartin

      Jul 22nd 2013, 9:45

      They have to have a sequel Dredd was spot on and I love rose more. It was unfortunate. I can't understand why no went to see this its class. But then again no one went to the first Bourne film and we have had three more of them!!! Fingers crossed.

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    • Seedorf

      Jul 22nd 2013, 10:03

      @joe. Poor marketing played a big part in why this did poorly in the cinemas. Americans don't really know much about Dredd, so advertising is needed a lot more than more famous comic characters. Plus, The Raid is a similar film, so it's possible many thought Dredd was a copy of that. I really do hope they can make a sequel. I think they planned it so they could make a decent first film to a low budget which would be a success allowing for a greater budget for the sequel; allowing them to show more of Mega-City One, etc. If they do get the green light, then the sequel isn't going to get the budget they are hoping for I'd imagine, which is a shame. None the less, I'm sure they can make an equally good film as the first,just market it better!!

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    • BenTramer

      Jul 22nd 2013, 10:05

      The Dredd character isn't well known in the States and, if you cast an actor nobody really knows either as Dredd, is it any wonder it tanked? If they do a sequel, they have to, have to, have to include Judge Death. The villains they've had in the Stallone movie and this one weren't great, so stupid when you've got the star substitutes of Judge Death and his Dark Judges on the bench chomping at the bit to come onto the pitch and shine. If no sequel happens, I fear we may never see another Dredd movie or the greatest Dredd villains of all onscreen and that would be a great shame.

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    • LSJShez

      Jul 22nd 2013, 10:18

      Ben, if the States don't really know Dredd or Karl Urban, then it's not really going to matter which villains they use. Anyone who isn't familiar with Dredd definitely isn't going to know Judge Death. As c**p as the Stallone film was, it will have put a light on Dredd for a lot of people. It's just a pity people play safe with well known names and don't look into what's out there. As for sequel plots, I thought they'd already got it mapped out. Which characters were coming in and when; and all they were waiting on was a green light.

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    • rufus26

      Jul 22nd 2013, 10:46

      It might also be that cinemas only showed it in 3D. My local cinema only had Dredd in 3D, which would have lost some viewers as i know many people who dont like watching films in 3D, and the extra cost with viewing a film in 3D too. Many like me just waited for the film to come out to buy, which may explain the DVD sales on release.

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    • georgeWW

      Jul 22nd 2013, 11:19

      rufus26 has a point it was only showing in 3D at the cinema I went to as well, personally I think it was one of the few examples where the 3D was used effectively ...still it would have been nice to have had a choice. With the way crowd funding and petitions ,like the one that just got the directors cut of Nightbreed to be released, are today if people make enough noise the sequel should still happen. It always baffles me how (for example) Adam Sandler movies rake in the millions yet decent films like Dredd don't. It had a decent plot it didn't try to do too much in the opening movie, the characters were good, the actors were decent, the effects were spot on....what more can you ask for.

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    • Ali1748

      Jul 22nd 2013, 11:19

      Dredd was alright it didn't blow my socks off.

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    • chibik

      Jul 22nd 2013, 11:46


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    • spid2411

      Jul 22nd 2013, 12:18

      Dredd was a refreshing change from the normal comic book fodder (like Sin City) in that it was totally faithful to the source material i.e. violent and for adults. However, if they make a sequel you just know one of the conditions will be to make it PG13 (like they are doing with Robocop - f*****g idiots) to get as many bums on seats as possible so whats the point.

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    • GarthMarenghi

      Jul 22nd 2013, 13:38

      It was lean and unfussy, which is rare in a comic book movie, delightfully gory and looked pretty great for a low budget movie. Another film of that scale isn't totally improbable, but I suspect the fans want something a touch more epic. I'd certainly rather see another one of these than a Robocop remake. (And yes, I know Dredd predates Robocop...)

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    • Ali1748

      Jul 22nd 2013, 15:09

      The plot was too similar to The Raid.

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    • FBAFuentes

      Jul 22nd 2013, 15:19

      Of course! Dredd rocks!!!!

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    • ilikescifi

      Jul 22nd 2013, 15:27

      more dredd, doesn't even have to be big-budget

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    • ashleybeeching

      Jul 22nd 2013, 15:45

      Dredd was easily the best film of last year and a superb homage to those classic 80's Sci-Fi Action movies and is one of the few films of recent years to deserve a sequel! Add the 'make a Dredd sequel' facebook page and sign the petition! Many thanks creeps! :-)

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    • ERDutra

      Jul 22nd 2013, 16:41

      I´m looking forward to a sequel. Urban was great as Dredd and the story was cool. At first I thought it would flop cos a film based into a building did not seem very appealing to me. But it was such a great surprise. I would like to see more of that doomed world and some badass action

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    • 2Dglasses

      Jul 22nd 2013, 17:27

      kenver03-if whoevers half sister isnt working but has a paycheck it fair to say she betrayed the LAAAWWWW!

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    • dojj singh

      Jul 22nd 2013, 18:35

      Having watched Dredd this week on Sky, I have the following to say: As a film about Judge Dredd, it was bang on the money. Exactly what Dredd is about, no nonsense "My gun fires seven different shades of s**t, which one do you want?" attitude all over it BUT As a film, I don't think it was exactly box off material. The acting was a bit soppy in places, a bit weak in a few scenes, far too predictable in others, very typical of movies that want to become trilogies where they lay down the ground work in the first film and hope it sticks. Urban is not as good a Dredd as Stallone simply because of his chin, I feel that if they were going to cast a relative unknown they should have cast someone with a squarer chin. That said, he owned that role and even though I feel he's a bit awkward for it, a second film should put more of a marker on the role as being "his". For sure you will get everyone comparing it to The Raid, but it's a totally different film and only fortune than saw The Raid come out at around the same time to make the comparison. It stands out as a good stand alone film and if they establish a sound tie in for a second and third outing rather than it being "just another day at work" I think it will make the money it deserves. I just can't stop thinking of Urban with his dreadlocks in Riddick lol

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    • lukeworm100

      Jul 22nd 2013, 20:58

      Dredd was awesome! Everything I wanted it to be - Ulta violent, stylistic, simplistic and very self aware of itself. Would love to see a sequel. Wasn't as much like The Raid as I expected, could hardly compare them.

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    • vinnym1980

      Jul 23rd 2013, 0:47

      Dredd was written and filmed before The Raid

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    • Ali1748

      Jul 23rd 2013, 17:53

      Still doesn't change the fact both movies have the same setting and the fact The Raid is a better overall movie.

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