Karl Urban talks Star Trek 3 and Star Wars

“I don't see the worlds of Star Trek and Star Wars joining”

Karl Urban has spoken out with his thoughts on Star Trek 3, as well as ruling himself out of appearing in J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII.

The New Zealand actor, who plays Bones in Trek, told IGN that he wanted to see ‘originality’ and ‘space exploration’ in the next installment:

“What I really believe we should do now is strive for originality. Because in Star Trek Into Darkness we took one of the most revered and loved adversaries of the Enterprise and put him in there, and did a story that had all of these wonderful nods to films from the past, and episodes from the past.

“I really think that what we should do from here, in my personal opinion, is strive to be original. Strive to be something different and new. You know, let's not forget that Star Trek as envisioned was about space exploration. And it would be really wonderful to harness the spirit of that and apply it to the next film, so that we do something different than a revenge-based picture.”

And when IGN asked him if he was interested in a role in the Star Wars revival, Urban responded with a definitive no, explaining:

“I grew up watching it… I just love that universe, but that being said, I have no desire to be part of it. I don't see the worlds of Star Trek and Star Wars joining. I've made a commitment to Star Trek and I'm going to keep it. It wouldn't feel right to me. Being in Star Trek, to suddenly be in Star Wars wouldn't feel right to me."

When the J.J. crossover was brought up, Urban responded: “"J.J. is behind the camera. There's a difference when you're putting a face and a personality in front of the camera, and I wouldn't want to do that do an audience. I, as an audience member, wouldn't want to see an actor from Star Trek in Star Wars. I just wouldn't. When I go into a Star Wars movie I want to be completely enveloped. I don't want to be taken out of the picture by going, 'Oh my God, there's Scotty, what's he doing in Star Wars?'"

To find out what a diverse bunch of Hollywood's best and brightest think about being involved in Star Wars: Episode VII, watch our three exclusive videos below:

Do you agree with Urban’s comments? Would the presence of a Trek actor ruin Wars for you? Tell us below…


    • chibik

      Aug 6th 2013, 11:50

      Well said! Besides, Urban should be busy starring in Dredd 2.

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    • CaptainCrazy

      Aug 6th 2013, 12:24

      There is actually a new article on IGN's front page where they interview Orci and Kurtzman and their cheeky retorts to Urban's comments on Star Trek 2.

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    • Chufferstud

      Aug 6th 2013, 12:47

      Oh I'm sure Simon Pegg will pop up somewhere in the new Star Wars film!

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    • TwoBobRuss

      Aug 6th 2013, 13:42

      Thats like saying you cant watch Girl With The Dragon Tattoo because it has Bond in it, cant watch The Fighter because Bruce Wayne is in it etc. etc. Not all audience memebers are that dumb, we do understand the concept of actors and acting. If the film is good enough, the dialogue on point and the actors chosen are good enough, then the audience wil be so immersed they wont be worrying about where they've seen that bloke before.

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    • FilmBuff94

      Aug 6th 2013, 14:52

      @TwoBobRuss Good point but in the case of Star Wars and Star Trek wouldn't it be boring if the same actors were in the same type of films and we didn't have some diversity on screen? That's why in my opinion JJ is a bad choice for director.

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    • Ali1748

      Aug 6th 2013, 17:17

      Are you out of your Vulcan mind?

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    • Hadouken76

      Aug 6th 2013, 17:56

      LOTR, Star Trek, Judge Dredd, Riddick, the guy is a one man comic con.

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    • Ali1748

      Aug 6th 2013, 17:59

      I would cut off your head, dwarf, if it stood but a little higher from the ground.

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    • Ali1748

      Aug 6th 2013, 18:01

      I am the law

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    • Mattsimus

      Aug 6th 2013, 20:50

      First and always I am a necromonger commander...... And I only ever play this role!.......

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    • mikeanderiesz

      Sep 3rd 2013, 7:48

      speculation aside - Urban just went up 50% in my estimation. Taking himself out of the running for Hollywood's biggest franchise shows an actor who actually cares about the material rather than just where his next paycheck is coming from! He's right about Trek too - Into darkness was a masterpiece of knowing winks and clever twists, but let's see something new in Ep 3.

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    • debzy72

      Nov 14th 2013, 17:47

      I agree with Karl 100% we should strive for originality.

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