Kat Dennings in for Thor

But who's she playing?

Nick And Norah's Infinite Playlist and House Bunny star Kat Dennings has been cast in Kenneth Branagh's upcoming adaptation of Marvel comic-book Thor.

We know this because Natalie Portman told us yesterday ("I'm really excited. Kat Dennings is going to be in it and she's a good friend and an amazing actress.")

Portman plays Jane Foster, who nurses Thor's human alter-ego Donald Blake. So which role might Dennings be taking?

Heyuguys!' theory is that she's playing science intern and "overt wiseass" Marcy Lewis - as the connection to science... stuff would probably put her in contact with Blake/Thor.

Watch this space/come back to this website frequently for more details...


Good choice? Future star? Or did you like her before she threatened to become popular? Speak...


    • theGlimmerTwin

      Nov 24th 2009, 22:05

      I like Kat Dennings, think she has potential to be a solid cast member, not sure if she's afull on big leaguer but with good turns in Nick & Norah, Charlie Bartlett and even ER, I think it's a good choice. Coupled with Portman its a strong female presence.

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    • Ali1748

      Nov 25th 2009, 7:28


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