Kate Becksinsale offered Total Recall's female lead

She's up for the Sharon Stone role

Kate Beckinsale has been offered the role of Lori in Sony Pictures' Total Recall remake, according to Deadline.

This news shouldn't come as a huge shock, as Beckinsale is married to remake director Len Wiseman, and they've previously worked together on several Underworld movies.

Only scheduling problems could keep her away from Recall, as she's currently busy shooting Underworld 4: New Dawn (and it'd probably lead to some awkward dinner table moments if she just turned her hubbie down…)

If she signs on, she'll star opposite Colin Farrell as Douglas Quaid (the character played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the original).

Lori (formerly played by Sharon Stone) is Quaid's wife, though like most things in the Philip K. Dick-inspired movie, she's not all she seems.

There's still another major female role to be cast: Mars-based freedom fighter Melina.

Deadline are reporting that Eva Mendes and Rosario Dawson are serious contenders for the role, though it's still not clear if either of them will actually get an offer.

Total Recall also has Bryan Cranston onboard as villain Vilos Cohaagen, and it's scheduled for release on 22 August 2012.

Is Beckinsale a good choice for Lori? Or will you be sticking with the Arnie original? Tell us below!


    • ChrisWootton

      Apr 21st 2011, 12:04

      Such a pointless remake. I really thought they were going to attempt some new and original with this but its just a carbon copy of the original

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    • MadMatt

      Apr 21st 2011, 15:18

      Chris, it shouldn't surprise you - as soon as it was announced with Neal H. Moritz (the H stands for hack) producing and the terrible Len Wiseman at the helm, that was all you needed to know about this movie. They're even using the original movie's title, rather than that of the short story, so clearly this was all about cashing in on nostalgia for Verhoeven's flick. It's backfired, I think. The only thing that's surprising about this page on TF's website is the link to a three-star review for the original. Unbelievably stingy! Bare minimum of four stars for anyone with working eyes and ears. A fantastic film, and very influential (Matrix and Inception in particular owe it a huge debt, as does 90% of Hans Zimmer's output to Jerry Goldsmith's landmark score).

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    • bogman2099

      Apr 21st 2011, 17:10

      the good news that this total recall will have three t**s, the bad news its colin farrell ,neil h moritz and len wiseman i will not go to this movie cos you see i got five kids to feed.

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    • MadMatt

      Apr 21st 2011, 19:06

      @bogman2099 - Brilliant, just brilliant! If that doesn't get comment of the week in the next email, there's no justice. Well done, sir. :)

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    • DravenCage

      Apr 22nd 2011, 12:41

      @ MadMatt - Why wouldn't they use the original movie's title? It's known, so already has a built in fanbase. Besides, even if it was called We Can Remember It for You Wholesale, everybody would still call it the Total Recall remake anyway. The book title is good for a book, but Total Recall works better for a movie. Everything is opinion and if you think the film is worth four stars (I personally think five just for Benny) and the reviewer thinks three, neither of you are wrong, you just have (slighly) differing tastes. There's nothing wrong with cashing in on nostalgia or current trends, etc. Remember, the first Total Recall (which we both think is an awesome movie) removed most of the short story to CASH IN on Arnie's popularity and style. I'll be there to watch it and I'll judge it on its own merits. A good film is a good film and a s**t film is a s**t film, regardless of whether it's a remake, a re-imagining, an original piece or something shot for £10 at the back of your local Asda.

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    • Ali1748

      Apr 22nd 2011, 21:42

      Two weeks.

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    • MadMatt

      Apr 23rd 2011, 0:52

      @DravenCage - Using the same title is lazy, relying on brand recognition rather than creating something new. They made a big deal at the beginning about how this was going to be a more faithful adaptation of the short story rather than a remake, yet they use the title that was invented for the original film as well as character names that only appeared in Verhoeven's movie. Using the same title is disrespectful, in my view - they basically want to replace the original movie, using someone else's hard work to make them easy money. I'm sure there is a generation of idiots who think Halloween is a Rob Zombie creation, and the same kind of thing is likely to happen here. Finally, they did not throw out everything from the short story - if memory serves there is basically no plot to speak of, it's just an idea. Any film would have to invent a great deal to fill out a feature's running time. Saying that there's nothing wrong with cashing in on nostalgia and comparing it to cashing in on Ahnult's popularity the first time around is truly bizarre logic. You could say that any film starring an actor who is popular is 'cashing in' on his or her popularity, why else would anyone employ them at such great expense? There is no comparison between that and the shameless creative bankruptcy of redoing a pre-existing movie with shinier effects rather than taking a risk on new unfamiliar material. I'm so tired of Hollywood churning out yet more versions of films we've already seen; remakes have been around forever, but never at the rate a frequency we've had to endure this past decade. We need to send a message to these fools that they need to try harder and give us completely new experiences. The only way to do that is to refuse to give them your money. Don't pay to see remakes, if you can help it; if we keep making these things successful it's like we're willing enablers to a bunch of braindead addicts.

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    • MadMatt

      Apr 23rd 2011, 1:13

      Aaaand relax. Sorry folks. I think I'll stop talking about this film now I've got that off my chest as ranting doesn't change anything - this is happening anyway whether I like it or not. I'm even boring myself now, let alone anyone else.

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