Kate Bosworth joins the new Straw Dogs

Alexander Skarsgard is also aboard Rod Lurie's remake

Kate Bosworth and True Blood's Alexander Skarsgard have joined the cast of Rod Lurie's Straw Dogs "re-imagining".

James Marsden is already aboard, playing a version of the character made famous by Dustin Hoffman in Sam Peckinpah's controversial 1971 original.

Marsden and Bosworth respectively play a screenwriter and wife, who move from Hollywood to her old home town in Mississippi so he can get some peace to bash out his latest opus.

But - much like the original couple - they discover that the town's locals (including local American football hero Skarsgard, Bosworth's character's ex), have their own ways of welcoming her home.

Lurie has written the script and will kick off directing in August.

[Source: Variety]

Is remaking Straw Dogs a bad idea? Or pure genius? Decide, then comment!


    • koolerking

      Jul 16th 2009, 6:32

      BAD IDEA!! The original is a classic. I would've been a bit more happier if it was remade in the UK, as per the original. I don't understand hollywoods obsession to remake UK based films and relocate them to the US. Are they really thinking there US audience wont be interested???

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    • chicks

      Jul 16th 2009, 8:54

      It's a terrible idea.

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    • jem0013

      Jul 16th 2009, 13:14

      Woeful idea. There is no way the remake will have the unsettling edge of the original.

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    • eeyore1059

      Jul 16th 2009, 23:15

      Horrible idea.I agree with the previous remark about the american version losing the edge of the original. I doubt they will have the sexual assault the original had, everything will have to be PC. For an example, look at Funny Games. Loved the original, but the American version just didn't have the same mood- and it had the same director on both !

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