Katherine Heigl joins Five Killers thriller

She’ll be targeted alongside Ashton Kutcher

Katherine Heigl has signed on to join Ashton Kutcher in Five Killers.

Heigl will play a woman who meets the man of her dreams (Kutcher) while on holiday in the south of France.

They hitched, but their married life turns out to be a nightmare when she discovers A) her hubby is a former hitman and B) their neighbours are likely assassins plotting to kill them.

She’ll be working again with Robert Luketic, who directed her most recent upcoming pic, The Ugly Truth.

This time, though, we expect a few more bullets flying amid the comedy. Hopefully at Kutcher.

[Source: Variety]

Does this sound like a fun premise? Or Mr And Mrs Smith lite?


    • Aeghast

      Feb 19th 2009, 13:28

      LOL @ Kutcher being a hitman.

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    • ashley.russell

      Feb 19th 2009, 22:05

      MEGA LOLZ indeed. Kutcher will always just be Kelso to me.

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