Keanu Reeves stars in new trailers for Man Of Tai Chi and 47 Ronin: watch now

Two for the price of one!

Good news for Keanu Reeves fans this morning, with not one but two new trailers emerging online for upcoming films Man Of Tai Chi and 47 Ronin.

Both films will see Reeves getting his fight on, as the primary villain of the former and the grizzled hero of the latter.

Both of these have the look of guilty pleasures about them, particularly if you take pleasure in seeing Reeves dole out high-kicks and one-liners…

Take a look at the new trailers, below:

On balance, we’d argue that 47 Ronin looks a (slightly) more serious contender, but there’s arguably more to be enjoyed in Reeves’ scenery-chewing antics in Man Of Tai Chi.

Man Of Tai Chi will be getting a limited US release on 1 November 2013, with a UK date yet to be confirmed. Meanwhile, 47 Ronin will hit our screens on Boxing Day 2013.

What do you think of the new trailers? Tell us, below!


    • timhoughton

      Sep 4th 2013, 8:24

      If only the 47 Ronin trailer was in English ;)

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    • Seedorf

      Sep 4th 2013, 10:08

      Keanu Reeves showing off his wonderful acting skills once again; especially in Man of Tai Chi. They could have saved some money on the production costs by casting a statue.

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    • Ali1748

      Sep 4th 2013, 18:20

      "I know Kung Fu"

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