Keanu Reeves walks away from Akira adaptation

Film still in pre-production


Keanu Reeves will not play Kaneda in the live-action remake of Japanese manga Akira.

The actor was previously in negotiations with Warner Bros to take on the part, but has decided against playing bike-riding world-saver Kaneda.

Despite the negotiations coming to an abrupt end, Warner Bros are keen to stress that the remake isn’t dead.

“Production on Akira has not halted or been shut down, as the film has not yet been greenlit and is still very much in the development stage,” they say.

“The exploratory process is crucial to a project of this magnitude, and we will continue to sculpt our approach to making the best possible film.”

With Albert Hughes still attached to direct Akira from a script by Harry Potter adapter Steve Kloves, who'll bag the crucial role of Kaneda?

Previous shortlists featured the names of Andrew Garfield, Chris Evans and Robert Pattinson, but with the WB admitting that they're taking an "exploratory" approach to the adap, their final decision really could be anybody.


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Who do you want to play Kaneda in the live-action reboot? Garfield? Pine? Pattz? Talk to us below...


    • writerdave87

      May 18th 2011, 8:39

      Wow, I've read that Reeves absolutely loves Akira, if he's walked away from this one just how s**t can it be???

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    • Nashnash

      May 18th 2011, 11:28

      I'm sure everyone knew that this thing was going to be terrible but Keanu Reeves kind of gave a hint that it might not be too bad (though, still pretty s**t). Chris Evans or Robert Pattinson? This just makes me hate people even more.

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    • G2Joethecondor

      May 18th 2011, 22:36

      Wow, has anyone actually WATCHED Akira? The leads should at least attempt to LOOK Japanese (maybe)... They should also LOOK young! I don't think Reeves should've ever been considered. If they're unable to find young new fresh actors maybe "Sung Kang" for Tetsuo, and "Jay Chou" for Kaneda they're both in their 30's and could probably pull off a young look!

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    • Ali1748

      May 19th 2011, 0:51

      Thankfully it looks like the gargantuan budget may stop this pointless remake from being created. Warner Bro's had to bring in Universal to finance this.

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