Keith Lemon film in the works

‘Celebrity Juice’ funnyman headed to the big screen

Ever thought Leigh Francis’ alter-ego Keith Lemon would make for an enticing film project?

Well, apparently you’d be right as Lionsgate have announced their involvement in Keith Lemon: The Film, which will see the self-named ‘international ladies man’ follow his dreams to become a successful entrepreneur.  

Francis, who found fame through Channel 4 cult comedy Bo! Selecta, is penning the script, whilst Paul Angunewela is directing the antics.

Austin Powers actor and regular Celebrity Juice panellist Verne Troyer will co-star.

Zygo Kamasa, CEO of Lionsgate UK is quoted as saying “Keith Lemon is someone that everyone in the UK wants to be or wants to be with; making this film will prove to be an absolute rollercoaster of a ride”.

Tongue firmly in cheek for this one, then.

Are you excited to hear Keith Lemon's making the jump from small to big screen? Let us know!


    • Mings

      Nov 10th 2011, 15:52

      Perhaps I've missed a meeting somewhere along the way but I really don't find Keith Lemon stuff funny. I think there must be something wrong with me though because plenty of people seem to love the turgid guff. Can somebody please explain to me what it is that I don't get? The point that I am missing?

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    • FBTBeasley

      Nov 10th 2011, 16:22

      This clearly illustrates that there is no God.

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    • Azazeal4eva

      Nov 10th 2011, 16:41

      Well all I can say to that is OOOHHSSSSHHH! Mot mot mot, Bang Tidy,

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    • Mings

      Nov 10th 2011, 18:20

      Thank you for illustrating my point so succinctly Azazeal.

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    • Jcoyle

      Nov 10th 2011, 20:41

      If they do it as good as the inbetweeners movie then BANGTIDY! I hope we see some cameos from Holly, Ferne, Rufus and some other dingbats!

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