Kevin Costner and Tommy Lee Jones are The Company Men

They’re joining Ben Affleck for the downsizing drama

Kevin Costner and Tommy Lee Jones have been added to John Wells’ new drama The Company Men.

Ben Affleck joined the cast last autumn, and with the leads in place, Wells – who oversees ER and used to produce The West Wing on TV – will stat shooting next month.

Affleck’s playing a high-flying corporate type who loses his salary and Porsche along with his job. Costner will play his brother-in-law, who offers him a construction job.

Jones, meanwhile, will star as a principled senior partner who can’t stand his colleagues’ greedy actions.

Costner is preparing his own directorial job – he’s trying to sort out financing for The One, which finds his as a man who inherits $3 billion, leading to an adventure in the Cayman Islands and trouble with pirates. We smell crossover with the Disney franchise!

Okay, maybe not.

[Source: Variety]

Is the idea of a downsizing drama a good one? Or just depressing?

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