Kevin Smith directing A Couple Of Dicks

Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan, to be exact…

Kevin Smith has agreed to direct detective comedy A Couple Of Dicks, starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan, for Warners.

It comes as Kev goes on the record via his SModcast podcast he’s ready to work A) without The Weinstein Company and B) on someone else’s script, as this is not one of his.

What is it? Dicks was written by TV veterans Robb and Marc Cullen, and features a pair of LAPD ‘tecs (Willis, returning to familiar territory and 30 Rock's Morgan) trying to locate a stolen, mint-condition baseball card.

It landed on the 2008 Blacklist – the prime league table for the best unproduced scripts in Hollywood.

And while Smith has been trying to get hardcore horror pic Red State off the ground, it looks like he’ll have to wait a little longer, as no one has yet stumped up the planned low budget.

So it’s not really surprising to see him make the move to big studio directing gigs – in the back of his mind, he’s probably plotting to parlay any success into extra clout to get the State back in play.

[Source: ERC]

Do you think Smith is selling out? Or is this a smart move? Discuss... now!


    • ashley.russell

      Mar 3rd 2009, 10:04

      after recycling the same c**p for the past 15 years Smith needs to take some risks and this is probably a good move.

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    • BeefOven

      Mar 3rd 2009, 11:38

      As far as I'm concerned Mr Smith can do no wrong, but I'm sure they'll have to pioneer a new super-wide lens in order to cater for Willis' increasingly huge head.

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