Kevin Smith's Red State gets a first trailer

“You better believe I fear God”

The first trailer for Kevin Smith’s god-fearing horror flick Red State has crept online.

A complete departure for the director, who’s best known for his comedies, Red State is a horror that follows three teenage boys who come face to face with a horrific holy force.

According to the film’s press release, the movie “is a shocking new kind of horror film that aggressively confronts higher powers and extreme doctrines with a vengeance”.

Check out the trailer below…

Shot in a loose camera style, bleached of colour and with nary a complete line of dialogue to be seen, this is an atmospheric little tease for Smith’s film.

And no, it doesn’t look like anything the director has ever attempted before. We can’t wait.

Red State opens in 2011.

Excited for State? Or think Smith's lost it? Drop us your comments below...


    • DanRose

      Dec 24th 2010, 10:46

      Wow.... No Jay and Silent Bob in that then.... good on Smith for switching pace completely... this looks pretty good I think...

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    • Area51

      Dec 26th 2010, 23:21

      This looks brilliant! He's totally tapped into all the fear and awkwardness you feel watching documentaries about American cults or survivalists. Has a Waco feel to it. Can't wait!

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