Kevin Smith wants a gay Superman


If you been lucky enough to catch an advance screening of Kevin Smith's Zack And Miri Make A Porno, you may well be wondering about one particular piece of casting - Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) as a gay porn star.

And it seems Smith is keen on the idea of a gay Superman.

When asked if he cast Routh in the role to send a message to the team behind Superman Returns, Smith said: "I think it was total coincidence, but it really works. Wouldn't that movie be awesome if Superman was out as gay?"

But he's not worried about a Warner Brothers backlash. "I did ask Brandon, of course, after we were done shooting, whether he had a morales clause in his contract that may prevent him from playing a role like this, and he said as long as he didn't play another superhero, Warner Brothers did not care."

Smith added: "They don't care. They've got The Dark Knight."

Maybe that means Smith's aiming for a gay Batman next. Oh, wait, that's Batman & Robin. Never mind.

[Source: SciFi Wire]


    • jukeofurl

      Nov 10th 2008, 15:55

      Hey Kevin-create a new gay superhero. This revisionist c**p needs to stop. Superman is not a homosexual, in fact, he's not even a ho sapien. As for Batman & Robin, that's pure c**p. Bruce Wayne took in Dick Grayson because he was orphaned the same way he was. Why they need to be glossed gay, when it was a father/son & mentor/student realationship, is b******t. I don't care how much I like Kevin's work ( I do-watching REAPER S/1 right now! ) or other's, they need to stop switching things around just because they can, either seriously or in jest. It's pandering. You're good enough to innovate, not renovate.

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