Killers trailer debuts online

Katherine Heigl spy comedy takes its bow...


Excited by the news that Fox is looking to reboot Mr & Mrs Smith? Well Lionsgate may have beaten them to it, with this nubile spy actioner that covers similar if not identical ground.

Check out the newly released trailer over here at Collider.

Everybody’s favourite comedy gal Katherine Heigl stars as bog-standard Jen, a bored computer tech who meets Ashton Kutcher’s hunky Spencer. Little does she know that he’s actually a spy.

Pretty sharpish, Jen discovers Spencer’s secret, and is dragged along with him as he attempts to evade death by bounty hunter.

It looks daft and glossy, but gives Heigl a chance to show off her impeccable comedy timing amid a few requisite explosions.

Also, it’s got Tom Selleck and Catherine O’Hara as Heigl’s parents – the latter an apparent booze hound, which is always good for a laugh.

Fancy some Killers action? Or will you wait for Cruises’s Knight And Day

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