Lawrence Kasdan talks Star Wars spin-offs

“I’m trying to start fresh”

There has been plenty of gossip surrounding Disney’s proposed Star Wars spin-offs over the last few weeks, with the latest word being that both Han Solo and Boba Fett will have their characters expanded in standalone outings.

Lawrence Kasdan is writing one of said spin-offs and has been talking about his approach to the project, and what we can expect from the next wave of Star Wars flicks.

“I'm trying to start fresh,” says Kasdan. “There are certain pleasures that we think the saga can bring to people that they've been missing, and we're hoping to bring them that, and at the same time, have them feel that it's all new.

“George [Lucas] brought me into this part of it," continued the writer with regards to his return to the series. "I think everyone's interested to see where this can go. It's been some very different places over 30 years. I think with J.J. [Abrams], we'll get something entirely new.”

We’ll find out for sure when Star Wars: Episode VII arrives in cinemas in 2015…

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    • Hadouken76

      Feb 11th 2013, 9:57

      Yes! Kasdan was the genius behind Empire, and was sorely missed during the prequels. "There are certain pleasures that we think the saga can bring to people that they've been missing,.." Yeah like a decent story, compelling characters, emotional pay offs, the 'little' things Lucas discarded.

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    • Ali1748

      Feb 11th 2013, 14:01

      The Han Solo movie will be the origin of how the Millennium Falcon ran the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs.

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    • ilikescifi

      Feb 12th 2013, 1:10

      this could mean the Hutts get more involved, they've only been used for comic effect since Jedi

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