Leonardo DiCaprio entering The Twilight Zone?

He’s planning to produce a new movie…

Often when Leonardo DiCaprio is quizzed about his favourite childhood TV shows, he’ll open up about his love for Rod Serling’s legendary sci-fi anthology series, The Twilight Zone.

Now it looks like he’s using some of his production company clout to get a movie produced using episode plots that Warners – who would distribute – has the rights to. And he’s adding it to the ever-growing list of films he’s involved with.

Don’t get us wrong – we’d love to see a new Twilight Zone film, provided they can find some great writers to pen the script (or scripts if it’s another segmented job). It’s just that the title carries a little cinematic tragedy, given the death of Vic Morrow and two child actors in the 1983 film.

Still, if this new version could bring a story as good as To Serve Man to the silver screen, it’s a risk worth taking.

The Hollywood Reporter is in the zone.

Source: (Hollywood Reporter)




    • colinhowe

      Feb 4th 2014, 18:07

      I don't see what the relevance of the 1983 accident on set during the making of the twilight zone film is to any future production by totally different producers, writers and directors, why even bring it up? I guess just for the sake of it as you really had very little else to say. I think Leonardo Dicaprio has great integrity in his art so I hope this film goes ahead, it's one of my favourite TV series and a lot of great directors have taken influence from the series.

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