Leonardo DiCaprio stars in new trailer for The Wolf Of Wall Street: watch now

"This is the greatest company in the world!"

The latest trailer has landed for The Wolf Of Wall Street, in which Leonardo DiCaprio portrays the rise and fall of slippery trader Jordan Belfort.

A party-happy stockbroker with a burgeoning drug problem, Belfort was indicted for security fraud and money laundering, before spending 22 months behind bars. It promises to be quite a ride…

This latest trailer gives co-star Jonah Hill a little more of the limelight, the new footage showing a great chemistry between him and DiCaprio that looks to be one of the film's chief pleasures.

Take a look at the new trailer, below…

From the synopsis alone, Belfort would seem a difficult character to root for, but DiCaprio looks to have more than enough charm to push him into anti-hero territory. Michael Douglas, eat your heart out...

Directed by Scorsese and co-starring Matthew McConaughey, Margot Robbie and Kyle Chandler, The Wolf Of Wall Street will open in the UK on 17 January 2014.

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