Lesbian Vampire Killers trailer is ridiculous

Killers! Vampires! Lesbians!

The trailer for the latest comedy horror flick to come out of Blighty, Lesbian Vampire Killers, is online and it looks marvellously silly.

But then, with a title like that, we weren’t exactly expecting There Will Be Blood. Though we did go into There Will Be Blood expecting a horror flick. Go figure.

You can watch the trailer below. We detected a slight Ghostbusters vibe. What did you think?


    • magicwings

      Dec 30th 2008, 13:49

      Okay, I am now DEFINITELY seeing this film opening night.

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    • MartinS

      Mar 6th 2009, 18:39

      Well it took long enough for them to come up with Shaun of the Dead II, which is about as exciting a prospect as having one of the nerds, who likes this sort of c**p, remove my toenails one by one.

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