Liam Neeson talks Taken 2 and The Dark Knight Rises

Could Ra's Al Ghul return?

Liam Neeson has spoken about the possibility of appearing in follow-ups to two of his biggest hits.

When MTV asked the actor about the surprise success of actioner Taken, he responded: "It just seemed to hit a pulse in people, it did very, very well which I'm thrilled about and we're hoping to do another one next year sometime."

When Neeson was asked to elaborate on the sequel, he said: "Taken 2... Who's gonna get taken?"

He couldn't offer any plot details yet though, simply saying "[They're] working on a script."

Neeson did also state that he didn't expect the movie to be a prequel, as some have suggested.

In related new, Neeson also said that he "definitely" won't be appearing in The Dark Knight Rises, which would conflict with the shoot for Clash sequel Wrath of the Titans anyway.

While his exit from Batman Begins pretty much ruled out his return, you can never be sure you've seen the end of a villain like Ra's Al Ghul, and The Dark Knight Rises is obviously going to be subject to endless amounts of scrutiny until it's released.

Are you keen to see Taken 2? Would you have wanted Ra's to return to Nolan's franchise? Tell us below!


    • Frankie88

      Feb 9th 2011, 21:16

      Maybe Neeson himself gets taken. The movie opens with typical black bag put on camera, but you could barely see shapes and movements through the fibers and hear assialants talking in a van. Then it's an escape and figuring out and subsequently killing everybody who was involved.

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    • Monkeynuts30

      Feb 9th 2011, 21:19

      Would be good to see Ra's al Ghul return in some form as he was the one foe Batman could never truly beat, it always ended in a stalemate or defeat. Even when he did appear to beat Ra's it always turned out to be a ploy that furthered one of Ra's many plots. Am loving the villain combo of Bane and Dr. Strange, the only two villains ever to learn Batman's true identity... just not sure ole Bats has time for Catwoman since he'll be fighting Bane and running from the cops the whole time. And that Batman voice he has is more "rapist" than "romancer" Still, in Nolan we trust.

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    • SiMan

      Feb 10th 2011, 13:45

      I'd like to see Ra's al Ghul's daughter in the new batman film - in the comics she's in love with bruce wayne, but wants to stay loyal to her father. Could be an interesting character to have.

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    • MeanMachine

      Feb 17th 2011, 23:09

      Taken 2 sounds awesome! Liam Neeson is the man! The clash of the titans movie was sooooooo bad! A sequel might be better.

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    • FBAMacKenzie

      Aug 5th 2011, 16:15

      I like the idea of Liam's character in Taken being taken - that would be cool, to see how he gets out of that.

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