Lily Collins drops out of Evil Dead remake

Fede Alvarez will need a new Mia

Bad news for those of you hoping to see a Phil Collins cameo as a big, bald Deadite in the upcoming Evil Dead reboot, as his daughter Lily has dropped out of the film’s leading role.

Collins had signed on to play recovering drug-addict Mia, whose attempts to wean herself off the narcotics are set to be complicated by the soul-sucking nasties released by the Necronomicon.

However, scheduling clashes with other projects have meant Collins has been forced to step down from the role. Variety’s Jeff Sneider broke the news with the following Tweet: “Again, in case you missed it, LILY COLLINS is OUT of THE EVIL DEAD reboot due to a scheduling issue. Agents, start your engines…”

The new film, directed by Fede Alvarez from a script worked on (in part) by Diablo Cody will maintain the basic set-up of the original (kids go to a creepy woodland cabin) whilst also taking it in some new directions.

The official synopsis explains the differences as follows: “Mia and David, estranged siblings who have recently lost their mother (Mia’s taking it the hardest being that she’s the one who spent most days at the hospital watching her mother deteriorate) have reunited, along with some old friends and his David’s fiancee, for an intervention at THAT old cabin. It’s here that the near rehabilitated Mia will also toss the last of her drugs down the well and finally go cold turkey.”

The Evil Dead is set for a US release date of 13 April 2013, so plenty of time for a replacement to be found for Collins. As long as there’s room for a Bruce Campbell cameo, we’ll be happy…

Who should step into Collins' shoes? Post your suggestions, below.


    • Hadouken76

      Jan 25th 2012, 12:17

      By a director no-one has heard of, written by Diablo 'all my characters talk like Ted Mosby even if they are 10' Cody. Yeah, what could go wrong?

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    • simster82

      Jan 25th 2012, 15:36

      Going to be be s**te

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    • murphy

      Jan 25th 2012, 16:25

      Who's Ted Mosby? And You're both right,this will stink like a deadites ringpiece.

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    • demmike

      Jan 25th 2012, 16:44

      Slay the beast. He's a Deadite!

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    • smellyhands

      Jan 25th 2012, 19:03

      Ted Mosby is the lead character from How I Met Your Mother. Worst character on the show. Hes just a d****e. Plus Diablo Codys dialogue is excruciatingly annoying at times. Juno anyone!!!

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    • smellyhands

      Jan 25th 2012, 19:06

      Also.... Lily Collins is pretty.

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    • JohnJDuffy

      Jan 26th 2012, 1:25

      CGI deadites and a script by a writer who uses words like "home skillet" and "Honest to Blog" cant F'N wait

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    • JohnJDuffy

      Jan 26th 2012, 1:28

      Liliy Collins may be pretty but her dad is still Phil Collins!

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