Lindsay Lohan to play Sharon Tate in biopic?

Has apparently been offered the role

lindsay lohan

While Lindsay Lohan’s legal problems roll on, word on the street is that the actress is still interested in, uh, acting.

Gossip website TMZ claim that Lohan has been offered the lead role in a biopic about murdered actress Sharon Tate, who was killed by the followers of occultist Charles Manson.

Lohan has apparently been offered the role, but she’s yet to come to a decision over it.

Tate was the late wife of director Roman Polanski, who was murdered in 1969 while pregnant with the filmmaker’s child.

TMZ also state that photographer Tyler Shields will direct and star in the film as Manson.

Pure internet gossip? Or is there a grain of truth to it? Guess we’ll have to wait to find out.

LiLo? Or lie low? Think Lohan should take a break from movies to sort herself out? Or think she deserves a comeback? Talk to us below...


    • Jeffbiscuits

      Apr 4th 2011, 21:22

      Lindsay Lohan and Danny Dyer in the same movie? Surely that's an omen of the apocalypse... And she looks like she's been ronsealed in that picture.

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    • jaykays hat

      Apr 5th 2011, 11:13

      WTF, Danny Dyer and Lohan in the same film, please God bring a plague of locusts on us all and start the Armageddon.

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    • Projectionist

      Apr 5th 2011, 20:21

      Justin Beiber and Danny Dyer. Are you fecking kidding me????This guy is taking the p**s. Lets just ignore him from now on

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    • writerdave87

      Apr 5th 2011, 23:13

      Dalidab calm down. If you can't deal with people not taking you seriously, you should really keep your often totally insane casting choices to yourself ;) I don't mind Danny Dyer myself, but I think we should all be grateful we didn't get yet another list of worryingly youthful-looking teenage boys with very little talent...

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    • Jeffbiscuits

      Apr 5th 2011, 23:18

      Early in her career? Parents of the world should teach their wayward children the dangers of ronseal. She's the same colour as the wallpaper.

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    • writerdave87

      Apr 5th 2011, 23:20

      Jeff has a point that really wasn't taken early in her career, given that she's a former child actor lol. Judging by the skin tone and general resemblance to a downrate pornstar I'm guessing it's taken a while after Mean Girls.

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    • writerdave87

      Apr 7th 2011, 3:33

      Man you'd have to be dead not to love Kevin Bacon. Kevin Bacon is awesome. Bacon. Yeahhh.

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    • Vreeland

      May 31st 2011, 19:10

      I think it is an insult to have Lindsay Lohan play Sharon Tate in a movie. Lohan is a bum who is not in the same league as Sharon. Why cast a loser in a role of someone who appreciated Hollywood and who worked hard? Besides, Sharon Tate was a beautiful woman who had class and sex appeal. Lohan has none of those things. Lohan is a big drug user and an alcoholic who laughs at the justice system while getting away with so many things. Many people do not even want to see her on the screen again. I hope someone else plays the part. Lindsay Lohan is no Sharon Tate. George Vreeland Hill

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