Lionsgate gun for Terminator rights

Studio adding another piece to their Jigsaw?

Saw distributors Lionsgate are the bidders to beat in the Terminator rights auction.

With a bid of $15m and 5% of gross receipts from any future movies made, the company seem all set to take on the steely franchise.

Lionsgate have been named the 'stalking horse' bidder by the Halycon Group, which means any counter offer needs to up the ante by $750,000 if they want to get in on the action.

The closing date for bidding is 5th February, with the auction itself landing 5 days later.

Terminator Salvation producers Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek, who own Halycon Group are selling the rights to this franchise as part of their bankruptcy deal.

Sony Pictures and Warner Bros (distributors for Terminator Salvation) are also said to be interested.

Better in the hands of the big boys?  Or is this bidding war drumming out little businesses?



    • Mattsimus

      Jan 14th 2010, 21:29

      Im pretty sure we need to give this franchise back to hands that can carefully nurture it back to quality, T1 n T2 pricless and effortlessly beautiful, original, iconic and gripping in everyway, T3 was hollywood squeezing the last remaining dollars out of a franchise whilst schwarzennegger was still kinda able enough to play a nostalgic fueled if not confused Terminator, i mean even the TX was both obvious and tacky, the film had very little, suspense or mild horror to it, along with sustained interest! Atleast McG tried to take it back to its origins and referring in many ways back to the first two movies whilst setting it in the future, just bad timing about bales rant and the over milked Sarah Connor Chronicles!!! I say keep it in the future, no going back now! and may the best quality distributer win, maybe warner bros, 20th century fox, or new line, whoever has it, keep it faithful.........

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