Lois and Superman talk symbols in new clip from Man Of Steel: watch now

“It’s not an ‘S’”

Man Of Steel has debuted a new clip on Jimmy Kimmel Live, in which Lois and Superman discuss the big red symbol on the Kryptonian’s chest.
He claims that the giant “S” is a symbol of hope back on Krypton. She counters that here on Earth, it’s just a big old “S”.
It’s basically a slightly extended version of the scene featured in the trailer, although with a little added detail about why Supes is tolerating those puny handcuffs.
Take a look at the new clip, below…

Henry Cavill really seems to have Kal-El’s gentle demeanour down to a tee here, with his explanation concerning the handcuffs showing the patient benevolence he feels towards a species that can’t quite decide if he’s friend or foe. Put simply, he’s just a very nice chap.

Directed by Zack Snyder and co-starring Amy Adams, Michael Shannon and Russell Crowe, Man Of Steel will open in the UK on 14 June 2013. 

What do you think of the new clip? Tell us, below! 


    • DaveyMay

      Jun 6th 2013, 12:15

      When is the Press Screening for this? Cannot tell you how desperate I am for a review :)

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    • marcogigantes77

      Jun 6th 2013, 12:34

      The press screenings have started and a large press conference was held (in the US). This is all available on YouTube, with individual interviews with cast and crew on the Access Hollywood and TrailerAddit websites. There will undoubtedly be more to follow. The comments section here does not allow links unfortunately. 'MAN OF STEEL' also star Oscar winner KEVIN COSTNER (Pa Kent), LAURENCE FISHBURNE (Perry White), and Oscar nominee DIANE LANE (Marth Kent). These are all sizable 'above the line' roles. Cheers.

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    • Ali1748

      Jun 6th 2013, 19:18

      Amy Adams = Schwing.

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    • marcogigantes77

      Jun 6th 2013, 20:18

      I agree - Schwing indeed. This Superman has several very talented and hot actresses in it... Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Antje Traue... :)

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    • Hadouken76

      Jun 6th 2013, 23:28

      I like how 20yr old slang is still applicable lol

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