Luke Evans signs on to head up The Crow

Start date pushed back to early next year

After a month of speculation in which James McAvoy, Tom Hiddleston and Alexander Skarsgard were all linked to the role, the remake of The Crow has finally found its Eric Draven in the shape of Luke Evans.

Deadline reports that Evans had long been on Relativity Media’s radar, but had initially been unable to commit to the role on account of his busy schedule.

However, the studio has now agreed to push production on the remake back until the beginning of next year, freeing Evans up to take the lead.

The film has been stuck in the pipeline for a good few years now, with the likes of Mark Wahlberg and Bradley Cooper courted for the role of Draven before the recent glut of contenders made their way into the frame.

Originally filmed in 1994 with Brandon Lee, the story tells of a murdered rock star who returns from the grave to wreak revenge upon his killers.

Directed by F. Javier Gutierrez, expect this one to wing its way into cinemas at some point in 2015…

Is Evans a good fit for the role? Tell us, below!


    • BobTheSkull

      May 6th 2013, 7:53

      Ugh.... lets just leave this one alone. Out all the contenders mentioned, the only one I thought could actually pull it off was Hiddleston. My money is on this moving back into production hell in 6 months and them going back to the drawing board.

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    • piffle

      May 6th 2013, 8:00

      Wow.... From Tom Hiddleston to Luke Evans in the space of a week. That's a remarkable plummet in quality and marks this out as one to be ignored.

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    • darkenigma

      May 6th 2013, 8:11

      I wouldve probably seen it or kept my eye on it if Hiddleston was going to star now I couldnt care less

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    • Benmorse

      May 6th 2013, 8:15

      The original was a terrible B-Movie that appealed to socially inadequate teenagers, and fluked into cultdom thanks to a tragic accident (and the press glamourising of the Lee "curse" that followed) and luck of the draw on timing with the ascent of "emo" being acceptable. It remains deeply average, vacant revenge schlock. And now, after being passed on by every good and OK actor (hi, Mark Whalberg!) it's being re-made with an average actor, and a director with a law degree and two shorts to his name. I can't wait to not watch this.

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    • BobTheSkull

      May 6th 2013, 9:16

      Ben, you're comment is void. It was a good movie and its themes appealed to me. I was not a 'socially inadequate teenager' at the time - I was in my 20's, holding a good job with a good social life. Come to think of it, not one person I know who loves that film can be described by that comment. I admit the Lee 'curse' did influence it, but not as much as you'd think. And the 'emo' thing didn't become acceptable, as you put it, for about 5 years after The Crow entered cultdom. If you didn't like the original, and don't want to watch the remake then why bother posting? Was it simply to vent against teens that dare to hold different values than you deem acceptable?

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    • Ali1748

      May 6th 2013, 16:32

      I was excited by the prospect of Tom Hiddleston as The Crow :-(

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    • HarleyquinnLove

      May 19th 2013, 17:26

      A remake should never happen! it was well made. it was raw and gritty and it showed the aspects of the streets and those years for how they were suppose to be. The made the setting perfect for revenge and it was all explained well. the movie should never be remade. there will never be another brandon lee.

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