M Night Shyamalan talks Unbreakable sequel

And discusses a follow-up to The Last Airbender

It's probably fair to say that M Night Shyamalan's star has waned somewhat over the last few years, but it's easy to forget that around the time of The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable, he was widely regarded as one of Hollywood's most exciting talents.

Perhaps then, that's why he's now talking about the possibility of a sequel to that latter movie, and suggesting that it might become a reality sooner rather than later.

"It's getting closer," he said in an interview with Collider. "Slowly I’m getting a story in my head that I feel like is able to tell what I’m feeling right now."

"It's the story of a guy who kind of wakes up with a little grey feeling in the morning," continues the director. "I love that character. It’s something that I feel and I want to talk more about that character."

Good news for fans of the original then. However, perhaps even more encouraging is Shyamalan's talk of a potential sequel to The Last Airbender, and how it might be too big an ask at this stage…

"Those are costly movies to make and they take a lot of time," he said of the critical flop. "I made After Earth, which took a long time, so it kind of took that two-and-a-half to three-year period. So, I’m trying to sit down and see if I want to do a really small movie next."

After Earth opens in UK cinemas on 7 June 2013.

Would you like to see an Unbreakable sequel? Tell us, below!


    • 2Dglasses

      May 31st 2013, 7:57

      Do it. But mix things up and have Jacksons character at least initially a semi-good guy, kinda advising Willis from prison while at the same time being somewhat sinister. That dynamic and obvious chemistry was far more interesting that watching Willis tackle 1 criminal or interact with his annoying son.

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    • dex2010

      May 31st 2013, 11:00

      Id love to see Unbreakable 2. For me Unbreakable changed comic book movies from the camp Batman and Robin to something darker and a journey to find where a hero fits in ,in the modern world.

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    • SiMan

      May 31st 2013, 13:37

      It always felt like there was more to tell with Unbreakable (wasn't originally intended to be a traditional superhero story, but Shyamalamalamam decided that the first act of him discovering his powers was a film in itself). I hope they can come up with ways of introducing other powered people within the confines of the reality they've already established.

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    • Ali1748

      May 31st 2013, 16:16

      Shyamalalalaladingdong is a prime of example of hype going to a directors head.

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    • christophercall

      Jun 2nd 2013, 18:59

      I've been thinking for years he should just return to Unbreakable. It's by far his best premise and has franchise potential. Just dig in and turn this one into a series of films or a TV show. It should work out just fine.

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