Man Of Steel trailer: watch now

New Superman teaser released in cinemas and online

The hordes heading to cinemas this weekend to see The Dark Knight Rises will also be treated to the first Man Of Steel trailer, which is also available to watch online below. 

The short teaser features moody scenes of Clark Kent as a child and young adult (Henry Cavill) accompanied by a voiceover from his father Jonathan (Kevin Costner) saying 'You're not just anyone. One day, you're gonna have to make a choice. You have to decide what kind of man you want to grow up to be.' Ominous stuff. 

The spot ends with a simple, wide-angle shot of the sky as Superman whooshes upwards at great speed. 

Take a look for yourself below...

The trailer may not contain as much action as fans whose appetites were whetted by the footage revealed at Comic-Con may like, but it sets the mood perfectly for a Superman reboot overseen by producer Christopher Nolan by elegantly juxtaposing the human and the superhuman.

There's also an alternative version of the trailer, with the same images, but a voiceover from Jor-El (Russell Crowe), which you can watch here:

Man Of Steel is released in UK cinemas on 14 Jun 2013.



    • FBJRider

      Jul 22nd 2012, 14:09

      I think this one really helps set the tone better than one just full of action. Comic book films are better when they have heart, when we can see that these heroes are just people, they can be hurt, they can be killed. They were once innocent children. I'm pretty sure Nolan's name in the adverts will help bring in the punters too.

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    • campbellspragg

      Jul 22nd 2012, 15:50

      I was hoping to see the Comic Con footage in high quality but it was not to be. A good teaser and I like the feel of the film, hopefully this will be the movie that will do the superman name justice. Christopher Reeve's Superman was okay for its time but doesn't really do Superman justice anymore and don't even get me started on the mess that was Superman Returns. Fingers crossed for a decent Superman movie, so far all signs point to yes, finally...

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    • georgeWW

      Jul 22nd 2012, 16:45

      hopefully thanks to Nolan's involvement with this we may actually get a really decent superman film for once although it won't be the same i'm sure we will all sadly miss him on the batman front

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    • Ali1748

      Jul 22nd 2012, 18:08

      Dealiest Catch: Superman edition.

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    • Ali1748

      Jul 22nd 2012, 18:08


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    • Senver

      Jul 22nd 2012, 18:20

      Looks promising...

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    • Mattsimus

      Jul 22nd 2012, 19:01

      Really nice teaser....depth, heart, interest and already I care.....bring on more....................but not too much!

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    • SiMan

      Jul 22nd 2012, 19:11

      Have to admit this teaser has allayed a lot of the concerns i had about Snyder directing. Obviously not enough to fully judge on, but am impressed by what i've seen. Love the music used in it too. Took me ages to realise its from LOTR

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    • annunziato

      Jul 22nd 2012, 20:46

      Not a fan of 300 but hopeful with nolan co scripting. did not really like the camera angles on the trailer and hope that this will be not style over content...whilst we can expect a decent script i hope snyder does not forget that a good film is always about the story and the audience should not be distracted by visuals unwarranted. Trailer leaves me where I began...nervous

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    • FBZBanks

      Jul 22nd 2012, 22:00

      Love these trailers. Both of them. They set a great tone for hopefully great movies that will hopefully do for superman what the dark knight trilogy did for batman. I had no idea what this was for until two thirds of the way through (which is the mark of a great teaser). I was also confused about the LOTR music which i instantly recognised. It works and i like it after seeing the teaser, but when i first heard it, it was weird.

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    • MeanMachine

      Jul 23rd 2012, 1:16

      The preview looks ok, although I can't say I'm looking forward to this movie knowing Henry Cavil was cast before bringing Brandon Routh back who I thought was the perfect choice!

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    • ilikescifi

      Jul 23rd 2012, 6:44

      I love it but can't help thinking it looks like a Jeep commercial or a campaign for some new manly fragrance inspired by The Tree of Life film. I think the end shot in the clouds was enough for me to want to see this film, I agree that it sets a good tone but getting tired of everyone saying this is Nolan's influence, he has brought realism to the genre but also rendered it quite humourless. I'm not saying they should be comedic but the first third of Hancock dealt with the 'superhero in the real world' in a really interesting way, not too dry, not too comic and it was quite promising and very engaging (pity it went downhill - fast!)

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    • nishimaauluck

      Jul 23rd 2012, 9:34

      It looks as if the release of first footage from the new Superman movie, the Man of Steel, was not the only thing to come out of Comic-Con.A short scene description has also surfaced which seems to add further credence that this is not the Superman (at least in the movies) we're normally used to. Have a look.

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    • mattymjp

      Jul 23rd 2012, 10:23

      Got to admit, that sent a shiver down my spine

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    • alexr

      Jul 23rd 2012, 15:41


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    • Ali1748

      Jul 24th 2012, 16:08

      Trailers are suppose to inspire excitement and aniticpation, on this front they failed.

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    • Monkeynuts30

      Jul 25th 2012, 11:01

      Anyone else get the desire to see Superman punch out a shark?

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