Mark Bomback to rewrite The Wolverine

Shoot still planned for 2012

Mark Bomback (Jack The Giant Killer, the Total Recall reboot) has been handed scripting duties for The Wolverine ahead of next year's shoot. 
Christopher McQuarrie wrote the current version of the script, with director James Mangold on board to direct. 
The plot sees Hugh Jackman's X-Man searching for clues to his past amongst the Japanese criminal underworld, finding love but suffering tragedy along the way. 
The shoot is still expected to begin in Tokyo and Vancouver next year, as soon as Jackman finishes shooting Les Miserables. Filming had originally been planned for November 2011 in Vancouver. 
Bomback's previous work includes scripts for Live Free Or Die Hard, Unstoppable and the Jackman film Deception.

Would X-Men Origins: Wolverine been a better film with a bit of a rewrite? Tell us below!


    • trist808

      Sep 2nd 2011, 1:31

      Just follow Frank Miller's storyline from his 1980's Limited Series and you'll be fine :)

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    • Hadouken76

      Sep 2nd 2011, 10:53

      So the guy who had blue-collar John Mclane fight a jetplane, wrote a rubbish thriller and is doing Total Rehash thinks he can do a better job than an OSCAR-WINNING SCREENWRITER? (Actually Unstoppable was very good -curses!)

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    • Ali1748

      Sep 2nd 2011, 19:02

      Re-write ?? erm in Empire latest issue Jackman was claiming they had a great script.

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