Mark Millar talks Fox’s Marvel continuity

Would like to link Spider-Man, X-Men and Fantastic Four

While Marvel’s plans for Phase Two begin to pick up a head of steam, Fox has taken steps to ensure its own characters aren’t left behind with the recent appointment of Mark Millar as the studio’s creative consultant for all things Marvel.

The studio is apparently keen to establish a new continuity in which movies featuring Spider-Man, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four all feed into the same interconnected universe, and Millar has been brought on board to help achieve that goal.

“Fox have said that they want to build a cohesive universe and I’d personally like this to work in complement to the Marvel one,” said Millar in an interview with SFX. “It would be cool if these universes didn’t contradict each other so if you went to see Spidey, the Avengers, the X-Men, etc, as a viewer you would have no idea that all three are coming from different studios. I’d love to make it look like they’re all just happening in one place.

“I don’t think it’s something anyone would want to rush into,” he continues. “Following that Marvel model, we want to establish things first. If you had a Fantastic Four relaunch, and Wolverine and the X-Men were in it, I think it would distract you from the Fantastic Four.

“You can make people aware that they’re existing in the same universe without making it a big crossover movie, but it would be an injustice to the Fantastic Four not to make their first movie all about them.”

Sounds as though we won’t be getting an Avengers-style team-up for a while then, but it’s good to know that Sony are at least thinking along these lines, and if Millar can do half the job Joss Whedon has, the Marvel Universe looks set to go from strength to strength.

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    • willow138

      Oct 16th 2012, 9:14

      This is god news but i doubt anyone will do as god as the god of cool that is Whedon

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    • Ali1748

      Oct 16th 2012, 11:02

      I like what he''s saying but hopefully we do see Wolverine crossover into FF at some stage, it's always a good laugh when Wolverine and The Thing collide.

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    • stanislavstanev

      Oct 16th 2012, 11:04

      Check your source material guys.Spider-man IS SONY property,never been and never will be linked to Fox(if any change happens it will be on Marvel studios account,they probably curse the day,they sold the Spider to Sony ;)

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    • stanislavstanev

      Oct 16th 2012, 11:10

      and for sure...Fox and Sony team players to estabilish shared universe,good luck with that one hahah

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    • SiMan

      Oct 16th 2012, 13:15

      I don't think you necessarily have to have characters physically appear in films to establish continuity - dialogue can be used to name-drop events and people easily.

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    • bowz88

      Oct 16th 2012, 15:56

      this doesn't sound like it will happen for several years which is a good thing but the idea of wolverine not being played by hugh jackman makes me die a little inside. Hes made it is own and I know it is inevitable he will have to retract the claws eventually but I just can't picture anyone else playing him at the moment.

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    • andybainbridge

      Oct 16th 2012, 18:30

      I read an article which stated that with the latest Spiderman film they tried to put the Avengers Tower into the New York skyline but it never happened due to time constraints

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    • Ali1748

      Oct 16th 2012, 22:19

      It was the other way around Sony asked Marvel if they could put an Oscorp building in The Avengers but there wasn't enough time.

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    • samtebow

      Oct 28th 2012, 18:19

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