Martin Scorsese directing Leo DiCaprio in Wolf Of Wall Street

But Silence comes first


Martin Scorsese has confirmed that he will direct his Shutter Island star Leonardo DiCaprio in long-gestating drama The Wolf Of Wall Street.

Based on Jordan Belfort’s autobiographical novel, Wolf follows Belfort's rise as one of the most infamous names in American finance – a whipsmart stock-chopper who made thousands by the minute.

But the more he earned, the more he spent - on drugs, sex, and globe-scouring. Which means we should get to see DiCaprio sinking a 170ft motor yacht and crashing a Gulfstream yet. It’s basically Catch Me If You Can meets American Psycho.

Before making Wolf, though, Scorsese will helm Silence. Another book adaptation, this one is a Jesuit drama set in the 17th century, following two priests facing Japanese persecution.

Benicio del Toro, Daniel Day-Lewis and Gael Garcia Bernal have all been linked to the project at some point, though none of them have been confirmed or denied yet.

For now, Scorsese is finishing up work on his first 3D movie Hugo Cabret, and seems to be delivering on his promise that he wants to work quicker and get more done than he has in recent years.

Dream team? Glad to see Scorsese and DiCaprio working together again? Drop us your thoughts below...


    • Frankie88

      Feb 17th 2011, 19:12

      So, those incredibly-awesome-to-be-true-but-I-still-believed-it news that Pacino, Pesci, De Niro and Scorcese getting together to make a film called Irishman weren't true, huh?

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    • joker16

      Feb 17th 2011, 21:22

      I for one, am happy if that "Irishman" movie never gets made. While I love everyone involved, it would be pathetic for any one of them to do another gangster movie. They all did it many times and enough's enough. I mean both Pacino, De Niro and Pesci are so old that it would be a parody of itself for them to run around shooting each other. And besides, De Niro really needs to step up and prove that he's still the man! I mean really! Stardust, What Just Happened, Righteous Kill, Machete, Stone, Little Fockers? He's destroying his legacy.

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