Martin Scorsese’s magical Hugo gets a trailer

“Do you want to have an adventure?”

hugo cabret

The first trailer for Martin Scorsese’s magical book adaptation Hugo has been unveiled online.

It starts out as a subdued introduction to the world of Hugo Cabret, then quickly takes a bizarre left turn with an onslaught of action set to the music of 30 Seconds To Mars.

While Asa Butterfield as Hugo makes for something of a plain hero (that’s probably the point), Chloe Moretz slamdunks a British accent (and is cute to boot).

Sacha Baron Cohen, meanwhile, sports another nutty accent, but gets away with it in the context of the film. He sort of reminds us of Tim Curry in Home Alone 2.

As Scorsese’s first attempt at a kiddie audience, Hugo definitely has potential – the cinematography is undeniably lush, and there seems to be a decent mystery involved.

Check out the trailer for yourself below…

Hugo opens 2 December.

Excited for Scorsese's first kid film? Or not convinced by the trailer? Shove us your comments below...


    • ChrisWootton

      Jul 15th 2011, 15:05

      Jeeeesus. Looks fooking terrible

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    • smellyhands

      Jul 15th 2011, 16:20

      Yip, have to agree. That looks like a piece of excrement.

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    • Ali1748

      Jul 15th 2011, 23:15

      Not my cup of tea.

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    • Gav83

      Jul 15th 2011, 23:51

      Good god, that looks awful! I thought there was something wrong with me until I saw that everyone else came to the same conclusion...

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    • ScottFree

      Jul 16th 2011, 20:14

      looks absolutely terrible! and why the hell does Sacha Baron Cohen looks like the policeman from 'Allo Allo'...!

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    • FBALee

      Jul 17th 2011, 4:57

      Yikes. I saw this trailer with a big group of friends, and all of us were like, "Huh?!" Very lame.. and I don't think even kids are going to laugh at all of the half-baked pratfall antics and trite dialogue.

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