Marvel announces new mystery film for May 2018

Could this be The Avengers 3?

Despite having only just outlined a new series of release dates stretching forward until 2019, Marvel has added another mystery film to its roster on 3 May 2018.

And while the studio has not confirmed any specifics, online speculation has this new untitled project down as The Avengers 3, an assumption that would appear to make sense, on face value at least.

After all, the first Avengers film arrived back in 2012, with its sequel to hit cinemas in 2015. As such, a further three year gap would certainly seem to add up for the threequel.

With Fox having just announced The Amazing Spider-Man 3 for the very same weekend, it would appear to be a bullish move by Marvel, although if either of those titles were to move, the smart money would be on Spidey.

We’ll have to wait and see whether any more details are spilled at Comic-Con, but don’t be surprised to hear word of the Avengers’ next mission before the week is out…

What are you hoping to hear confirmed by Marvel at Comic-Con? Tell us, below!


    • SiMan

      Jul 24th 2014, 13:18

      Hopefully by that time Sony, Fox and Marvel will have reached an agreement where they can at least acknowledge the existence of the other studios cinematic universe to make it all seem connected, even if actual characters don't cross-franchise. I'm still unsure as to whether Avengers had the Oscorp building in the background (or vice-versa) or whether that was only a rumour. Hope we get to see some Age of Ultron stuff out of Comic Con online soon too.

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    • Ali1748

      Jul 24th 2014, 20:47

      I reckon Marvel and RDJ have come to an agreement for Iron Man 4. The Avengers 3 is an important movie that all their phases have been building up to, the date for that movie will have been locked since day one.

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