Matthew Vaughn leaves X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Bryan Singer may replace him

Seismic superhero news this morning, as Matthew Vaughn has reportedly dropped out of directingX-Men: Days Of Future Past, the sequel to his well-received series reboot, X-Men: First Class.

At present, no reason has been given for Vaughn’s departure, although he will still remain involved with the project as producer. The move mirrors his involvement on Kick-Ass 2, another sequel he declined to direct.

With the film pencilled in for a 2014 release date, Fox is expected to move fast to find a replacement for Vaughn, and according to Deadline, the man at the top of their list is none other than Bryan Singer.

Singer was of course the director of the first two X-Men films and also worked as a producer and writer on First Class, so his appointment would be the obvious choice. It was a big disappointment when he left the franchise in favour of Superman Returns, and we’d like to see him return to a universe he already knows inside out.

Expect further news on a replacement in the coming weeks, with filming set to commence early in the new year. X-Men: Days Of Future Past opens in the UK on 18 July 2014.

Would Singer make a good replacement for Vaughn? Tell us below!


    • Kellend11

      Oct 26th 2012, 8:38


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    • mattburgess

      Oct 26th 2012, 9:15


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    • WarrenWII

      Oct 26th 2012, 9:46

      was really dissapointed with this news yesterday. But now I only hope Singer signs really soon. He is the right choice, this is his franchise so if Matthew doesnt want to direct anymore, Singer should take the lead until the franchise stops.

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    • trist808

      Oct 26th 2012, 9:56

      Really disappointed to hear Vaughn is leaving, but equally happy if Singer returns, he's the natural choice to take over ... just be thankful no one has thought to call Brett Ratner ... now that would be depressing news ...

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    • Murphy0806

      Oct 26th 2012, 10:25

      Please don't say he left Vinnie Jones behind, please don't say he left Vinnie Jones behind..

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    • mattburgess

      Oct 26th 2012, 10:37

      Why is everybody so psyched about Bryan Singer? I don't think he is right to return - I think fresh blood is needed, which is what led to the brilliant 'First Class'.

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    • FBALeal

      Oct 26th 2012, 10:58

      I disagree Matt, fresh blood is what gave us The Last Stand. I think an experienced X-Men director such as Singer is the right way to go. He after all helped make First Class the great movie it is, being producer and all.

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    • TwoBobRuss

      Oct 26th 2012, 11:15

      What's McG upto.....

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    • mattburgess

      Oct 26th 2012, 11:18

      I disagree with your disagreement :¬P Staying on as a producer, to keep the 'feel' of a series constant throughout is a good idea, but I think if the same director spends too long with a series, he or she soon has nothing new to say with the series. I hope I'm wrong, for Peter Jackson's sake, I *really* do. Yes, fresh blood gave us The Last Stand, but he was clearly completely the wrong director for the job (did anybody think he was the right director?).

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    • FBJRider

      Oct 26th 2012, 15:02

      I still haven't forgiven Singer for leaving X-Men to make that terrible mess of a film. I hope he takes over Days, it may get him back in my good books.

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    • Ali1748

      Oct 26th 2012, 20:25

      Meh I really was not impressed with First Class it wasn't that great. Still I am surprised by this news.

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    • ilikescifi

      Oct 27th 2012, 7:57

      @TwoBobRuss! Ssssssshhhhhhh he might hear you

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