Max Landis reveals his rejected plot for Chronicle 2

Outlines the story Fox turned down

Having written the superlative script for surprise superhero smash Chronicle, it was disappointing to hear that Max Landis had parted ways with Fox on the upcoming sequel.
Landis has since taken to Twitter to outline the story he would have told, the screenplay for a sequel named Martyr, which sounds a much darker tale than the original…
“Gone was the aspirational ‘what would you do’,” begins Landis. “Gone were the pranks and the bromance, gone were lovely tragic Andrew and hopeful, bright Steve.” 
“In their place was a dark, frustratingly unblinking stare into a complicated world that posed the question ‘is it worth it to be a hero?’ told from the point of view of a heartbroken and insane woman who would martyr herself to the cause of being the world’s first villain.”
“It was, in my estimation, a sequel that elaborated on the ideas and situations from the first to create a different genre of movie. In the best of worlds, in my optimistic but wildly prejudiced eyes, this could make it an Aliens, a Terminator 2… in the worst a Grease 2."
“So, at the end of the day, maybe it’s better that Martyr never saw the light of day. Sad I didn’t get to do some of my other versions. The multi-movie low [budget] Chronicle-based found footage superhero universe culminating in an Avengers type team up was a real good one.”

Sounds as though it would have been intriguing, doesn't it? Hopefully Fox have something equally exciting lined up as an alternative, and not just a retread of the first movie...

Would you have liked to have seen Martyr? Tell us, below! 


    • BobTheSkull

      Aug 13th 2013, 9:06

      "Hopefully Fox have something equally exciting lined up as an alternative, and not just a retread of the first movie". It's Fox. You're expecting too much. The sequel will most likely be utter rubbish, not even close to the original, and end up causing any possible franchise to be canned. It's Fox's greatest strength.

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    • nomad86

      Aug 13th 2013, 10:57

      There are other studios- if Fox aren't willing to do anything with it. i'm sure Max could find other backers, Landis is on of the most refreshing conceptual thinkers in the industry. unfortunately Fox are only after profit rather than art: www.totalfilm.c0m/news/john-landis-says-fox-aren-t-keen-on-son-max-s-chronicle-2-script- they should release the rights, the subject of consequence is rarely tackled in a manner like Landis is describing. There far too few writers/directors like him

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    • Hadouken76

      Aug 13th 2013, 11:30

      Tom Rothman of Fox is notorious for interfering with projects. toning down the adult themes so the movies appeal to teenagers at the expense of the script. Is it any wonder the last Die Hard was laughed out of the cinemas?

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    • GarthMarenghi

      Aug 13th 2013, 13:46

      Rothman left Fox, Hadouken. He's now in charge of ballsing-up TriStar.

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    • spid2411

      Aug 13th 2013, 14:57

      You guys are all right - yet another studio f*****g up a cool idea because its too "dark" and instead trying to pander to the Percy Jackson crew. They will probably make money on whatever c**p they churn out though and it will spawn 18 further sequels. Because these clowns only care about the money. I think if studios keep going down this route (money first - quality..irrelevant) there is a danger of Hollywood eventually imploding. The studio summer pictures this year have all been dire (despite film review magazines giving them all 4 star reviews) and the level of product placement in these pictures has just been embarrassing.

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    • Hadouken76

      Aug 13th 2013, 17:17

      Thanks for the correction GarthMerenghi, seems like they haven't learnt.

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    • councelloreli

      Sep 4th 2013, 0:46

      Ideas for Chronicle Sequal(s) At the Start of Chronicle. The Guys find the Alien Crystal. They Attain their Powers. Then The Go Back to the Location and find it is out of bounds. The Officer warns them about the danger. At the Start Of Chronicle 2. You reveal the mystery about the crystal and the government cover up that takes the crystal from its location to a secret base in area 51. Government experiments with the crystal leads to more people attaining powers. But these people also have an urge to prevent anyone else from attaining the powers... The new people that attain powers dicover they have a telephathic connection to eachother, and anyone else that attained power by the crystal... They discover that MATT has these powers, as documented by News Coverage... and so Matt is being hunted by the government... They also Discover that the crystal itself has its own intelligence, and apart of the crystals intelligence merges with anyone that comes in contect with it... If the Crystal Is Destroyed, the Intelligent Force within the Crystal disconnects from the people it touched, and they gradually lose the understands of how to use their powers. Eventually leading to a fight without powers. Matt eventually finds a way into area 51, and is about to recover the remaining shards of the crystal ( See Movie 4 about how the crystal and the government facility holding it was destoryed )... he decides to take the ramaining shards and throw them into a moltern lava lake. but the last crystal remains, in his hand, and before he throws it into the take, it starts to glow.. revealing that the intelligent force still exists within this one shard... and this is how Matt has still able to have his powers... He is left with a Choice, If he destroys the Last Shard, we loses his powers forever... But he believe the shard has a life of its own, and would not destory it.... And so, Matt decides to keep the last shard safe. Until the next movie, where Matt is now Wearing the the Sh*****n a Necklace... In the 3rd movie we discover that the Crystal has more powerful than thought... When the Crystal Touches someone, it alters there molecular structure, and this alteration makes people half immortal... We see Steve Montgomery Come back to life, the Lighning that killed him, didnt kill him permenalty.. we see a story of what happened to Steve Montgomery after the lighting hit him, where somewhere in movie 2, while Matt was on this own Travels, Steve Montgomery woke up within the coffin.... Maybe at the end of Chronicle 2 we see this scenario of Steve waking up... In 3. Steve finds Matt and Matt explains how Andrew had died... Steve and Matt are urged to do others heroic deeds, by preventing a war.... They Find that they can create force fields around them... They move into a war zone full of bullets fight against both sides.... they dont kill anyone, they merely destroy all the weapons... Near to the end, they both realise they have made enemies with their own government and other govenments. they both then go back to tibet and retreat... Matt reveals to Steve about how the Monks tried to teach him to use his powers wisely.. they both go back to tibet to find sancuary... Movie 4.. Andrew Returns... In Movie 4. Steve and Matt find out that they have to Battle Against Andrew... Andrew Died in Movie 1.. But His body was taken to a government location, the same location that the crystal went to... Matt didnt realise this... With Andrews Body being Present to the Crystal, his Body Recovers Faster.. In Movie 4. We see how it was Andrew that Destoryed the Government Factility, the same way he did in the hospital with his father... It was Andrew that Destoryed the Facility and they Crystal... Andrew Went In Search Of Matt... And In Part 4 He also travels to Tibet, But Andrew Pretends at first to be Freindly and says sorry, he has forgiven Matt... But Really Andrew wants the Last Shard.. And tried to Steal it from Matt... This Leads to a battle in mountains of tibet... Andrew Takes The Shard and Attains More Powers, and travels around the world destoring things, where the governments decide to use nuclear weapons on Him... Matt and Steve Travel to Pleed with the Governments, the way they will stop Andrew... Matt Secretly realises the only way to Stop andrew is to Destroy the Last Shard... At the End of the Movie, Steve manages to get the Shard as it flies off Andrews Neck... There is a struggle to now prevent the shard from being destroyed. But in the last moment, It is Andrew that Destroys the Shard.... Then the Shard is Destroyed, The Guys Lose The Knowledge of how to use their powers... They are only left with some rare moments to use what they had.... They can no longer Fly, Or Move Huge Objects. They come back to have normal human lives again.. Another Story.... In Tibet there is a mountain.. Mount Kailash, A Sacred Mountain. They call this mountain the Center of The Universe... And this mountain has a sacred Chamber underneith it, The Chamber has a Pillar stone, where a small sphere of light is placed. The Small Sphere of Light is Called The Key.. But the Key Is No Longer within the Chamber.. The Monks of the past, fought hard to protect the key, many people wanted to claim the key for themselves in order to rule the universe and control life on the world.. So, they key was tranformed, into a person. When the human Vessal of the Key dies, they Key Moves on into another Vessal... And the Cycle Continues, in order to protect the key and the Life of the world.... But this secret has now been discovered by secret societies, and they search for the Key, they search for the human being that is they Key... The Key can Create Life, Or Take Life Away... They key Can Open Door ways to other Universes, and can even re-create worlds... They is another force that opposes they Key, The Shadow.. The Shadow is another Universe, a Dead Universe. A Universe With No Light, only Empty Worlds... Some Call this Dead Universe, The Shadow Of Death, Because In True Death, there is No Light. But the Shadow Universe was also Once the First Universe, a Universe full of Life and Light... But The Universe was Destoryed when their own was destoryed.... And So, They Key Maintains Life, If the Key Of Creation is Destoryed the Universe it belongs to also Dies with it... The Key is A Balance For Life, It can Create or Uncreate... Anyone that uses the key to destory will distroy themselves... The Key alone decides what to do, and no one can control it... They Key can not be Destoryed by anyone, It can only be destoryed by itself... A Hero Eventually Helps the Key and protects.. The key is in human form, and has taken the form of a female... the hero loves this female, and over time her realises she is the key, and so he can not be with her as he would like... Even in human form, the key does not realise they are the key. The Key itself also falls for the hero, and also realises they cant be together as they would like... In the end, the key has a choice, to return to the Chamber, or remain human.. And For Love, they key chooses to remain a human female in order to be with the one that loves her.. She eventually knows that she will re-incarnate again, but may never be with the one she loves... Unless somehow she manages to merge his soul into her own fate.... And so he will always be with her, no matter where she is, or who she becomes in the future.. The Key is a Balanced force, and equilibrium to life on earth.

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