McG clears up four Terminator Salvation rumours

Terminator 4 director confesses all

Total Film hung out with McG in London last night, and we talked him into clearing up some internet rumours about Terminator Salvation for us.

We've created a special Terminator Salvation feature for you to peruse, which will tell you whether Arnie's in the flick, how unsure Christian Bale was about the franchise, what James Cameron really thinks about the film, and how it won't end.

So, click on any 'Terminator Salvation' in this news story, and it'll take you straight to the feature, faster than a T800 gets flung through time.


    • Ray Peterson

      Nov 21st 2008, 6:29

      I'm still undecided about this one. When I saw the teaser, I actually thought it might be ok and Christian Bale is always a good bet. But McG? First off: Charlie's Angels. Then there's the fact that he calls himself McG. I just can't take that seriously. If he screws up, can we send someone back to the start of his music video career and wipe him out?

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