Mel Gibson is The Beaver

And Jodie foster is co-starring and directing…

Mel Gibson is teaming up with his old Maverick mate Jodie Foster for The Beaver.

Foster’s directing (the first time since 1995) and will co-star with Gibson in the dark comedy that topped Hollywood’s “Blacklist” – the hottest unproduced scripts of the year last December.

Penned by Kyle Killen, the film finds a depressed sort (Gibson) who finds some measure of happiness by, er, wearing a beaver puppet on his hand.

Foster will have to deal with the new situation as the bloke’s wife.

It’s apparently been set up as an indie, with zero financing in place, though with Foster and – for all his controversial antics in the last few years – Gibson attached – it’s likely it’ll get some money thrown its way soon enough.

Oh, and no... We really didn't consider "Mel Likes Jodie's Beaver" as a headline. Promise.

[Source: Variety]

Foster and Gibson back together…  A good thing?



    • Crush

      Jul 10th 2009, 16:24

      I love them both!! I wait this film so much!!

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    • firas76

      Jun 19th 2011, 16:12

      It will be a great movie, best buddies playing togthere would suit fine. Both of them have great acting abilities to make it work. The trailer was so promising looking forward for it. Joddie is a fine director and she not taken the movie towards the comic side of it. Its a dark comdey about depression and it will be a good tool to actually face the darker side of depression and what Gibson has been through in the last few years

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