Melisa Wallack to script Emily The Strange

Snow White writer pens Chloe Moretz role

Melisa Wallack has been hired to write the script for a movie based on the character Emily The Strange. 
Chloe Moretz is attached to star in the gothic tale of a young girl who mixes the power of her imagination with technology. 
No official storyline has been released, but the plot is expected to be an origin story that tells how Emily gained her powers and shows her adventures with her four black cats. 
The movie has been in development with Dark Horse Entertainment since 2008, with Universal backing it in 2010.
Wallack previously wrote the screenplay for Relativity Media’s as-yet-unnamed Snow White movie, which will be in competition with Universal's Snow White And The Huntsman when both are released.

Can Wallack capture the quirky nature of this character? Will this project get off the ground while Moretz is still young enough to play Emily? Should the cats be real or CGI? Answers below please! 

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