Men In Black 3 gets a writer

Tropic Thunder's Etan Coen is "deep in a draft"…

Sony is ramping up the development of its new Men In Black film, with Tropic Thunder co-writer Etan Cohen scribbling away on the script.

The solid news about a scribe working on the screenplay means that the studio is serious about trying to get a third film made in the alien-tracking franchise.

But there's still the small matter of getting stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones back on board, with both men A) busy and B) expensive.

Still, it's more likely that Sony will want to get them to return (you can almost hear the dump trucks of money revving up on the studio lot) rather than trying to launch a new team.

Sounds like the executives want this one ready to roll by next year, if possible…

[Source: Variety]

Want do you want out of a new MIB pic?


    • mattburgess

      Oct 30th 2009, 12:08

      What do I want? Bring back the funny from the first film! The second was absolute c**p.

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