Mia Wasikowska could be heading up Stoker

Carey Mulligan’s out

mia wasikowska

Carey Mulligan and Jodie Foster have both departed production of Park Chan-wook’s Stoker. But fear not – Alice In Wonderland actress Mia Wasikowska is in talks to step in.

Scripted by Prison Break star Wentworth Miller under the pseudonym Ted Foulke, the film follows the death of a teenage girl’s father, and the sudden appearance of her uncle, who returns to be with the family.

Oldoy helmer Park has been involved for a while, with Mulligan and Foster both previously attached to roles.

Now that they’ve moved on, though, Deadline reports that Wasikowska is in talks to take on the lead part. As an interesting aside, this will be Park’s first English language film.

Shooting on Stoker begins this spring.

Think Mia's a decent replacement for Carey? Looking forward to Park's English-language debut? Drop us your thoughts below...


    • mrblonde

      Jan 28th 2011, 19:44

      I'm on board for anything Park Chan- Wook is directing, as I love all of his films apart from 'I'm A Cyborg' which was okay but not to the same very high standard of the rest of his films and think he is one of the best Directors working today. The story sounds vague but interesting and something I'm sure Park can make a compelling film out off. Don't quite know what to make of Wentworth Miller writing the script but I'm sure Mia Wasikowska will be a good addition to the cast. Hopefully Park will consider making more English speaking films in the future, aswell as his Korean ones, much in the same way Guillermo del Toro jumps from English speaking to Spanish films.

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