Michael B. Jordan talks Fantastic Four casting

“People need to not be so narrow-minded”

Michael B. Jordan has been discussing his rumoured role in Josh Trank’s forthcoming Fantastic Four rejig, with the actor addressing the online reaction to his casting.

Jordan refused to confirm that he will be playing the Human Torch AKA Johnny Storm, but he has reacted to those fans disgruntled to see a traditionally white character being played by an African-American actor.

“I think times are changing,” says Jordan. “It's 2014. Comic-books in general were established when we didn't have civil rights, for the most part.

“So there weren't a lot of comic-book characters who were geared towards us, period. We weren't the market that comic books were made for in the beginning.

“But as times change and things move on, I think us as a people need to evolve as well in our thinking and not be so narrow-minded.”

Hear hear. TheFantastic Four will open in the UK on 18 June 2015.

What do you make of Jordan's comments? Tell us, below!


    • pdanyluk

      Feb 11th 2014, 9:52

      I couldn't give two hoots to who is cast or who is not in a Fantastic Four movie. Of all Marvel and DC propities combined, I have no love what-so-ever for Fantastic Four and can't see a new adaptation changing my mind-set. Just my opinion but I just can't buy into the concept.

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    • marvelboy

      Feb 11th 2014, 12:56

      It's not this race that people have an issue with, it's just that no one can see him playing a good Johnny Storm. I will be more that happy with a black HT aslong as Sue AKA Invisible girl/woman will be black too they are bother and sister

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    • skywlkr

      Feb 11th 2014, 14:23

      Since when does civil rights play a role in it? The Fantastic Four made their debut in 1961.. Black Panther made his debut as an African American superhero in 1966. It's not really about being narrow-minded. For most, they're watching characters they grew up with, and Fox is basically doing away with that and saying, "Let's ruin Fantastic Four again!" I'll still watch the film, but I have very low expectations.

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    • Ali1748

      Feb 11th 2014, 16:06

      I'll admit I had a knee jerk reaction when I first heard Michael was up for the role but now I've warmed up to the idea. Still if they are going to cast an African American for Johnny Storm they should do the same for Sue Storm!! I don't want some lame bs adoption cop out those two are blood siblings!

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    • Vaportrail

      Feb 11th 2014, 16:09

      Look, I'm all for civil rights, but this is something else. People aren't just upset because he's "a black guy", they're upset because they're changing the character we're used to, when we have been waiting years for a good adaptation of a beloved character. They're freaking about about Mr. Jordan for the same reasons they are Ben Affleck as Batman. They don't think he's an accurate representation of the character they're waiting to see. That's all.

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    • MorganRoss

      Feb 11th 2014, 21:06

      I agree, it's nothing to do with race; it's down to who the character is. When they cast Keanu Reaves as Constantine it was the same; Constantine is British! Same with the new Annie film, no one gives a damn about race it's just the fact that Annie is a little red headed girl. Can you imagine the up roar of casting a white Shaft? It wouldn't be done because it's part of what makes that character who he is. That said, with Jonny Storm it shouldn't make too much of a difference, I agree with Ali1748 though; they have to cast an African American as Sue Storm they're biological brother and sister!

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    • Hadouken76

      Feb 11th 2014, 21:11

      HAving said that, he would make a decent Black Panther in Avengers 3, replacing the boring useless Bland Widow and Hawkeye.

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    • craigmustdie

      Feb 11th 2014, 23:13

      One of the principal arguments is that this apparently changes the character, but does it? The character can absolutely be the same in essence, just a different colour, why assume that him being African American would change what makes the character who he is, and who you have know him as? It's a great piece of casting in my book, I think he'll absolutely nail Johnny Storm as be is portrayed in the comics.

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    • pazwahbdl

      Feb 12th 2014, 1:33

      Would you cast a white guy to play Blade? Or John Stewart? No? Then why the hell would you cast an African American as Johnny Storm?!

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    • illkillyoulast

      Feb 12th 2014, 14:18

      @pazwahbdl - blade was actually a white guy in the comics, but they cast a black guy for the film.

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    • pazwahbdl

      Feb 12th 2014, 14:48

      @illkillyoulast I have never seen Blade as a Caucasian, even in the comic books. Different skin colours, yes but always dark skinned. The point is I'm not a fan of the cross racial casting or cross gender casting for that matter, people know these characters, have seen these characters and know their stories etc. I just feel like its a bit to go against the character to cast them as something else. I'm also in the same boat as people who were annoyed with Keanu as Constantine, if you're going to cast an American to play a British dude he should do the accent as well. You're adapting a source material, so adapt it.

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    • trist808

      Feb 12th 2014, 22:05

      @illkillyoulast, Blade has always been black in the comics, ever since his first appearance in Tomb Of Dracula back in 1973. Snipes was cast because he was a star in 1997/1998, his career was still going strong and he fit the necessary character profile, not just because he was black, but because he had the build, the attitude and the fighting skills to play Blade (Wesley is trained in martial arts for instance, not every black actor can do what he can do). So, they didn't cast a black guy for the sake of it, they cast the best actor around at the time who the film-makers felt could represent the character. But yes, he had to be black because Blade is African/American and if he had been cast as a white actor, there would have been a huge backlash about it. Anyway, back on topic, I'm in two minds about all of this; I think Jordan is a very talented young actor who I hope will have a very long distinguished career, but is he Johnny Storm from the comics of the last 50+ years? Not in my opinion, but I reserve full judgement until I see the film, if anything this will be a fresh take on the FF and for that I welcome it, but having the Storm's as adopted brother and sister, takes away from the family dynamic that has been the cornerstone of the FF for 5 decades. I think if anyone can make it work, it's Josh Trank, so I'm not against this, but I do feel there are actors out there, who could have been chosen over Jordan. He is a hot, up and coming star at the moment and I feel that this is a major part of why he's been cast, popularity rather than him being right for the role. They do appear to be tailoring it around him, haven't you noticed that? So, call me cynical, but I do think he's been cast for the wrong reasons and they (the film-makers and FOX) are trying to justify it ... I hope it works though, I love the FF and am still intrigued to see how this version turns out. So I am 50/50 on it for now.

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    • illkillyoulast

      Feb 15th 2014, 13:37

      my bad, got my facts wrong

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