Michael Bay attacked on set of Transformers: Age Of Extinction

But it sounds like he can handle himself…

Bizarre reports have emerged from the set of Transformers: Age Of Extinction, with Michael Bay apparently involved in a fracas with a couple of local street traders.

Initial reports claimed that Bay had taken a punch in the face for his troubles, but according to the man himself, that's not how things went down…

"The story being passed around is not all true!" said Bay in an official statement. "Yes, some drugged up guys were being belligerent asses to my crew for hours in the morning of our first shoot day in Hong Kong.

"One guy rolled metal carts into some of my actors trying to shake us down for thousands of dollars to not play his loud music or hit us with bricks.

"Every vendor where we shot got paid a fair price for our inconvenience, but he wanted four times that amount. I personally told this man and his friends to forget it we were not going to let him extort us.

"He didn’t like that answer. So an hour later he came by my crew as we were shooting, carrying a long air conditioner unit.

"He walked right up to me and tried to smack my face, but I ducked, threw the air unit on the floor and pushed him away. That’s when the security jumped on him. But it took seven big guys to subdue him.

"It was like a Zombie in Brad Pitt’s movie World War Z - he lifted seven guys up and tried to bite them. He actually bit into one of the guards' Nike shoe, insane. Thank god it was an Air Max, the bubble popped, but the toe was saved.

"Then it took fifteen Hong Kong cops in riot gear to deal with these punks. In all, four guys were arrested for assaulting the officers. After that, we had a great day shooting here in Hong Kong."

The lesson being that a hardened action director doesn't take that kind of crap lying down. Transformers: Age Of Extinction will open in the UK on 10 July 2014.

What do you make of Bay's statement? Tell us, below!


    • chibik

      Oct 18th 2013, 9:31

      Crazy! Of course, whether the dude actually hit him or not, he'd still say that he ducked.

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    • Seedorf

      Oct 18th 2013, 9:54

      The lesson being learned here is; don't film your s****y Transformers CGI w***efest in countries where it's not wanted.

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    • Ali1748

      Oct 18th 2013, 10:21

      Weird. I am surprised Bay didn't use an RPG to protect himself.

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    • smellyhands

      Oct 18th 2013, 10:57

      Should have filmed the incident and made a movie out of it. Would be better than the last couple of Transformer movies.

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    • theassyrian

      Oct 18th 2013, 11:24

      Thank God it was a Nike Air Max! Guy has product placement in his DNA

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    • ilikescifi

      Oct 18th 2013, 13:26

      wow, endofdays

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    • owainhopkins

      Oct 18th 2013, 14:46

      This article has more story than the whole of the transformers films put together.

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    • sabrinahein5

      Oct 18th 2013, 20:40

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    • anant

      Oct 19th 2013, 3:01

      maybe he wanted his money back, Michael should have given it, heck the guy deserves compensation, we all do. i sincerely hope he knocked the c**p out of him!!

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    • Hadouken76

      Oct 19th 2013, 8:23

      "lifted up seven guys" Seriously? Seven? Because eight would have been too far-fetched, right?

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    • MaryDuran4

      Oct 22nd 2013, 18:46

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