Michael Bay talks more about Transformers 2

“This one is less quippy..."

As he gets close to the wire finishing Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen, Michael Bay can’t help but take the odd break to chat about the movie.

Talking with the LA Times’ Geoff Boucher, he revealed a little bit more about the focus this time, now the franchise is up and running.

“People I've shown this to instantly feel like, 'Hey, I know that family, they’re fun to watch.' It’s like when you watch a favourite TV series, there are things about familiarity you like and it can be satisfying.

“There are other benefits from doing it a second time. Movies do take a life. Things spark and take a life, things you thought would be important drop away and a tone is set. With the sequels, you know the tone. That’s a huge thing."

And that tone? Darker, if he has his way ("This one is less quippy"), but not so dark that, you know, kids can’t get into the movie.

"Jeffrey Katzenberg gave me advice once. He said it's great to have little characters with these big huge voices," Bay says of some of the new, smaller Autobot and Decepticon ‘bots who will crop up. Yeah, can’t wait…

He also blabs about working with Shia LaBeouf, and about how the maturing thesp can go off into dark areas himself… “You sometimes have to push him when he doesn’t believe it. He’ll go through a dark period. With actors you’ve got to be a psychologist. You have to see the darkness coming, especially with funny actors.

“I can see it coming on and I have to say, ‘Shia…’ and pull him aside. I explain it to him and he’ll come out of it. And then he’ll say, ‘You’re right, you’re right, I was in that mood…’ The reason is they're scared of things sometimes. It’s not easy being an actor and putting yourself out there.”

Actors: they’re just as messed up as everyone else, if not more!

[Source: LA Times]

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    • ashley.russell

      May 22nd 2009, 11:42

      I love when Michael Bay talks about Shia Lebeouf and makes him sound like a real actor. It almost makes Bay sound like a real director too. What the hell does 'quippy' mean anyway? Does that mean they aren't going to be cramming unfunny jokes into every single line of the film and having top government agents as ridiculous comic relief characters?

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    • BenCh

      May 22nd 2009, 12:15

      anyone would think he is talking about Apocolypse Now and working with Brando. Agreed it's some feat to make a movie a brash and populist as this, but Michael. Please. Shut up.

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    • Law818

      Jun 17th 2009, 15:16

      Michael Bay makes garbage. Huge, epic, multi-million dollar garbage! I'm all about this new parody video I found about crappy Hollywood remakes and sequels ... "The Real Psycho Transformer".... so brilliant! Here's a link, if anyone's interested and/or hates Michael Bay and his kind, lol. http://is.gd/14tBJ

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