Michael Fassbender joins Terrence Malick’s latest

Spotted opposite Ryan Gosling

Michael Fassbender is the latest star to join Terrence Malick’s currently untitled drama.

The German-Irish actor was snapped on set opposite Ryan Gosling (above, via The Playlist), who has been attached to the project for some time. Also locked into the enviably talented cast are Natalie Portman, Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara and Haley Bennett.

Plot and character specifics are nowhere to be found at the moment (standard procedure for a Malick flick), although that superlative combination of talent is a droolworthy prospect.

For anyone having trouble keeping up, this untitled drama is the third film that the usually unhurried Malick has worked on in the space of a year.

Relationship drama To The Wonder has been screened at the Venice and Toronto film festivals, but has yet to secure a release date.

After that, Malick quickly set to work on Knight Of Cups, an LA-set drama tackling celebrity and excess. Sharing a number of cast members with ‘Untitled’, Knight stars Bale, Blanchett and Portman, as well as Joel Kinnaman and Antonio Banderas.

With that one in post-production, Malick’s skipped onto this untitled drama (previously Lawless before John Hillcoat’s, erm, Lawless took the title). A look at obsession and betrayal via two intersecting love triangles, it’s set against the Austin, Texas music scene.

Fassbender's one in-demand actor, with appearances lined up in Twelve Years A Slave, The Counselor, Frank, Jane Got A Gun and X-Men: Days Of Future Past, not to mention a possible return to duty on Ridley Scott's Prometheus sequel, and a producer-star role in Assassin's Creed.

For now, none of Malick’s forthcoming features have UK release dates, although it’s possible they’ll all be released in 2013.

Which of Malick’s future projects are you most looking forward to? Drop us a comment below…


    • Ali1748

      Oct 8th 2012, 16:09

      Fassbender and Gosling in the same scene........that can't be right because the cameras wouldn't be able to handle the hotness.

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    • MillerCrosses

      Oct 8th 2012, 20:56

      I'd like this if Malick's films nowadays were more than just 'poetic' visuals and had either a story or characters I could follow.

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    • StevePotter

      Oct 8th 2012, 22:15

      If one (or preferably both) of them get naked, I will be seeing it.

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    • Ali1748

      Oct 9th 2012, 11:31

      Steve why not just purchase Shame ?

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    • Kellend11

      Oct 9th 2012, 12:38

      @Ali1748 you couldn't have said your comment any better. When I read the opening paragraph I squealed and died a little inside

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