Michael Fassbender stars in new clip and featurette from Frank: watch now

Man in the mask

A new clip has appeared online from Frank, in which Michael Fassbender's character explains to Domhnall Gleeson why he wears that outlandish mask.

Explaining that he considers human faces to be just as weird as his oversized, plastic one, Frank goes on to establish a new way of making his companion feel comfortable, by describing his facial expressions as he goes.

Alongside the new clip, there's also a new featurette, in which Fassbender, Gleeson and director Lenny Abrahamson discuss what we can expect from the film.

Take a look at both, below…

It's testament to Fassbender's considerable charisma that he can spend an entire movie with his facial expressions obscured, and still turn in a thoroughly magnetic performance. *Impressed look*

Co-starring Maggie Gyllenhaal, Scoot McNairy and Tess Harper, Frank will open in the UK this Friday.

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