Michael Gracey to direct The Greatest Showman On Earth

Hugh Jackman plays P.T. Barnum

Director Michael Gracey has signed on to direct The Greatest Showman On Earth
This is the second big project announcement for the red-hot Gracey - best known for his visual effects work and the commercials he directed - following news that he will helm Disney’s Snow White reboot The Order Of The Seven
Hugh Jackman has been cast to star as renowned circus showman P.T. Barnum in Greatest Showman and the script is expected to focus on Barnum’s relationship with the opera singer Jenny Lind.
The role of Lind, who was known as The Swedish Nightingale, has yet to be cast. 
Jenny Bicks (Sex And The City) is writing the script and Jackman is picking up a second paycheck by co-producing.

Does Jackman have the right cheeky-chappie persona to play a showman who loved to hoax a gullible public? And who would be the best fit playing opposite him as The Swedish Nightingale? Tell us below.

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