Michael Shannon won’t say “Kneel before Zod” in Man Of Steel

Villain actor rules out return of iconic line



Man Of Steel’s villain, General Zod, will not be uttering the immortal line “Kneel before Zod”, actor Michael Shannon has confirmed.

In an interview with VH1 (via SuperheroHype), Shannon was asked about the line, and admitted, “I don’t say that in the movie.”

The three word put-down was made famous by Terence Stamp’s incarnation of the supervillain in Superman II.

Perhaps it’s a good idea that Shannon won’t be impinging on Stamp’s turf, as that piece of dialogue has become so deeply associated with that film.

It has also become the subject of much parody over the years, so it's possible the omission is a statement of intent - will Shannon’s Zod lack the grandstanding, scenery-chewing pomp of the comic-book movie villains of old?

Man Of Steel is directed by Zack Snyder, and stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams and Kevin Costner, and it opens in the UK on 14 June 2013.

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    • marvelboy

      Nov 6th 2012, 12:27

      Makes little difference, I mean The Amazing spider-man got away with re-writing the "with Grater Power comes Great Responsibility" therefore Man of Steel can get away with not including a less famous quote

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    • frankmendezjr

      Nov 6th 2012, 12:45

      Kneel before Zod!

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    • SiMan

      Nov 6th 2012, 14:16

      When are we going to get to see that comic con trailer?????? Do you reckon it will be on the TDKR dvd/blu-ray?

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    • Ali1748

      Nov 6th 2012, 16:37

      Was the "kneel before Zod" line only created in the movie or did it appear in the comics ?

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    • filbert77

      Nov 6th 2012, 17:36

      Kneel before Zod is an iconic line for the Character though, just as "is it a bird? Is it a plane" etc... Hopefully they'll change it slightly and do it there own way like "This world will kneel before me" or something...

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    • umiqua

      Nov 6th 2012, 19:33

      I've got a feeling that the line *will* be said, just not by Zod. Maybe even by Lara Lor-Van...

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    • umiqua

      Nov 6th 2012, 19:34

      Sorry, not Lara Lor-Van, I meant Faora.

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    • TheMofo

      Nov 7th 2012, 1:24

      Im with the makers on this one. The original Superman held a formative and important place in my childhood, like a lot of people my age. Whilst throw-backs to older incarnations of the films can be a bit fan-boy-tastic, I wouldn't want to detract or tarnish my older memories, or more importantly make quoting theline amibiguous. When someone says " kneel before zod" I lke to know we share a commonality, and a shared moment of awe. I appreciate that this opinion is based on a certain amount of personal perspective. But felt like sharing nonetheless.

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    • NickyC

      Nov 8th 2012, 11:48

      Who gives a s**t?

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