Mick Taylor's back in first trailer for Wolf Creek 2: watch now

Call that a knife?

The first trailer has arrived online for Wolf Creek 2, the long-awaited sequel to the 2005 Aussie shocker, starring John Jarratt as outback psychopath Mick Taylor.

The new film sees another pair of backpackers accidentally straying into Taylor's territory, prompting another round of sadistic antics from good old Mick.

But it's only when a passerby tries to help one of the luckless pair that Mick really starts to lose his rag, and things get more explosive than ever before.

Take a look at the new trailer, below…

Original director Greg McLean is back for round two, and it looks as though he's sticking with the formula that made the first film such a success. Key to that of course is Jarratt, who looks as charismatically horrible as ever here.

The new film will open in Australia on 20 February 2014, with a UK date to be announced in due course.

What do you think of the new trailer? Tell us, below!


    • FBPBoland

      Oct 22nd 2013, 9:44

      It doesn't look as scary as the original. It looks more OTT, hokey and kind of middle of the road.

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    • spid2411

      Oct 22nd 2013, 12:10

      Yeah, the first one was a brilliant horror film - pretty tough watch at the cinema as it was so atmospheric and tense. In that trailer he looks like he is almost playing a parody of the nutter from the first one, blowing things up as he cracks one liners. He appears to have been transformed into Freddy Krueger in the dire Nightmare on Elm Street sequels that played up to his villainous character, even exaggerating his voice more as he delivers smart arsed jokes before blasting people to bits. Looks terrible - there was no reason to make a sequel either.

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